Homeworld spawn in colonized system

Ok here’s one for you. I colonized a planet with zonks it day one or 2 of main2. I scouted the entire system. I just went back to grab the resources from the other planets. Now not one but TWO of the planets have HOMEWORLDS, on them. Two different players As far as I know this is impossible. I didn’t give anyone spawn codes etc.


Someone else did.

A nice way to form a beach head in someones territory.

Pretty sure it was supposed to be fixed so we can’t do that. @joe

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll take a look. It sounds like something wasn’t working as expected because it wasn’t supposed to be possible to generate a spawn code for a planet if another player has already colonized a planet in that system.

Well someone managed it twice, I’ll PM you the system name

So if a stranger player is hijack colonizing a planet in a system for a friend, he can completly block that? Is it intended to work in this way? Or does count of planets take effect to?

So to be able to create a spawn code for a colonized system, i have to exchange the planet with the third player first? Or does NA take effect too? So if you have a NA with the third player, you are able to create a spawn code for this system?

Yeah, I made the first spawn code and then the friend I invited turned around and created a 2nd. This is my first time hearing it’s not supposed to be possible - it’s definitely possible.

That’s what’s going on because the third “friend” never expanded. All that he’s doing is generating cargo pods which are being picked up by the other 2 “friends”

My friend picked the wrong race so he got on his brother’s account who no longer plays and is just using that instead. I’m the one who generated the cargo pods. We would’ve capped your planet first had we known it was a requirement. It was an easy cap at the time, much less so now that you’ve had time to prepare. :stuck_out_tongue:

But regardless, now that we know a system should be clear of enemy colonies first, we’ll honor this rule in the future whether the code enforces it or not

Yes we found this problem when I spawned into the last server. There was an existing planet “owned” by someone other than the person offering me the spawn code. That could lead to some serious issues. It was suppose to be fixed, so if someone other than the person providing the spawn code already occupies the system, a spawn code won’t generate for the planet. Remember the person offering the spawn code has to also occupy the planet being offered first. It SHOULD be allowed for that player to occupy the same system, but no one else. (At least until full alliance features exist - I can see if you join the game and alliance at the same time, it allowing you to spawn in a system with other alliance members in it, but that doesn’t exist yet.)