Homeworld is still too small

I read somewhere things would improve in the next galaxy, my homeworld certainly didn’t. It’s less than 10k KM. Not overly excited. Hope I find a decent planet to colonize in my system that is a reasonable size so I can actually build up a SY. I’m starting with only 2% unemployment.

I had a second decent planet in my system as they promised, hopefully you roll a good size for yours

Nope, I have a bad starting system for a 2nd time. My 2nd available planet is only 12k KM, so still to small to be truly useful. The two decent planets to expand ship building to are way out of tolerance right now and I’ll need to finish climate tech before I can colonize them. So I’m not pleased so far. I don’t really want to colonize a planet I don’t intend to keep long term, but I’m going to be forced to. I also only have 6 planets in my system.