Hi people, what the hell is this?

Hey people, i got a beta invite email to this, I have no idea what this game is, or why I have been invited? And avast instantly flagged the exe as a generic threat.

Just some explanation as to why I have been invited to a game I have never heard of would be cool haha

The original name of the game was Beyond Dark. You may have signed up for Beta a few years ago and forgot about it? It was renamed to Outscape several months ago. We’ve been in Alpha testing for 2ish years now. This is pre-beta and everyone who signed up originally is getting an invite.

Al long time ago in a game lab far far away…

A group of DEVS dreamed of “Beyond Dark” and lo they were glad and they did gather like minmded souls unto them.

These souls did send invites to friends and folks they though would like the game…

And thus you are here invited by a Mate perhaps 3 years ago to game that changed its name to “Outscape”

Thus ends the reading from the book of the Space Ghosts

(Welcome wagon)

Edit: PS @Joe Told ya this would happen lets hope they are all as nice as this guy! Spam laws exist you know…!!!

The invitee would have had to sign up themselves from the “invite” link provided by their friend. But given it might have been 3 years ago, if they weren’t following the progress of the game, it would be easy to forget you had signed up.

Hmm good point, none the less the invite the were sent was for beyond dark. This is Outscape and while we know they are the same its gotta be confusing, and possible against the (Utterly ridiculous - I know I just had to implement them on 8 websites!) EU anti spam laws.

Never mind. Thing is if the Chap is confused there evidently wasn’t enough explanation letter added to the invite?

He’s in game, saw him post in chat. Hope he stays and enjoys it and contributes to the forum.

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