Harsh environment mining bases

I would like to be able to mine a planet without having to go the full extend of colonising it.

Please can we have the ability to establish mining bases specifically able to survive in harsh environments, so I can establish a mining operation on most/if not any planet.

This is the sort of thing you always see in those deep space movies, or similar to here on earth where we cannot survive in environments like Antarctica, but we can send people to live and work with specialised bases.

I would see it working in a simple manner where the base would extract resources to the surface for collection.

Once on the surface the resources would be accessible to any player in the same way that surface resources are now.

This would add a level of complexity around player interactions which doesn’t exist now, with players being able to raid and defend the planets being mined without having to go to the full extent of attacking each other - I think that it would add a bit of spice to player interactions, it would also help develop players more quickly due to the better access to resources.

A planet with a mining base would not prevent it being colonised by another player and I would expect that the mining base would just be lost if the planet it was on was colonised (maybe it would be converted to a normal mine in the planet were colonised by the owning player - which is unlikely but possible)


The issue is that every planet in every system within everyone’s sectors would have one of these Mine outposts placed on it. And the Galaxy would be without resources in short order. The only way to really prevent that is to make them basically worthless to use…

A good point. Maybe players could be limited to 5 or 10 max, this would tend to keep the mines local?

We will be softening the current expansion limitations by adding new features ‘Independent Colonies’ and ‘Space Docks’. Independent Colonies will enable you to continue colonizing and capturing planets without increasing the number of colonies you have to manage at one time (Leaders are appointed to run the colony on your behalf). Space Docks will enable you to continue producing ships and fleets without having them count against your fleet limits. Fleets can be docked and undocked as needed (fleet space permitting).

follow link to the above quote.

I do not believe we have heard anything about them since, but feel free to revive the thread. The devs encourage us to revive threads rather than start new ones.

To the OP’s credit, they are proposing mining colonies on “Harsh environment” planets. Not the same thing.


Fair enough.

I am trying to get access to the many resources available on local planets but which I cannot currently access. Without this I am driven to spread quickly out into the universe to seek a thin range of planets which I can exploit, very rapidly bumping into other more developed players and becoming quickly constrained, which I find a bit frustrating.

I agree with the WarMongers person that this could be bad with the ability to place mining-only operations on too many planets and it would be destructive to the game play, however the placing of mining-only settlements is a very realistic scenario (i.e. it is what humans are going to do in our own real-World solar system first before we start full scale colonisation) and which might play well if implemented intelligently (in my opinion of course)

Maybe IDA could create tech evolving off the loot sender and climate control buildings to send mining crews to other planets within system. It’d make a good introduction to crew expeditions (missions) with timers very similar to invasions. Maybe add a death toll to be mitigated with advances in equipment. Let the cost and return base equation relate to how many mine workers are present at the planet with the loot sender.


This is intended, sadly. We saw that without this players didn’t fight, quickly got board and quit. Making players rub elbows and having to compete for the best planets was better for the game.

One thing I have suggested in the past was to be able to hire natives for tasks. In this example the Skregons could be hired to mine at a world for a hourly cost based on how extreme the climate is. And when the task/contract is over the natives take off and jump away leaving nothing behind.

Most of the other races could be used in some form along these lines.

Like a expensive three day building contract with the mountain giants.

Or a radar outpost of harpy.

Or a Zonikloids energy boost to offset power plant losses while getting orbital bombed.

OK I see, so it is a primarily intended to be war game and not an exploration sim or trading game. Sorry I thought it would be a bit broader than that.

thanks for letting me know, I’ll consider that before making further suggestions.

Well, yes and no. I should have been more specific. Some galaxies are much more spread out and others are more dense. This is to perpetuate different play stiles. The skirmish galaxy is intended for a lot of fighting and is therefore dense. I do not know if the main galaxy is intended to be more spread out (I think its intended to be a balance for all play stiles) and therefore less elbow rubbing, but still some. I assume your playing in the fast paced galaxy which, I also assume, is similarly dense as the skirmish galaxy.

Dont be.

:slight_smile: I guess I shouldn’t ask about wormholes for rapid transport to distant places or even other galaxy clusters then?

To be added.

No intention of being added atm, as far as I am aware, but could be a good idea.

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