Harpy Planet Losing Natives

I’m calling this a bug because colonizing a native on a planet for the first time should not result in dying native population if no climate or hydro adjustments were made.

I agree but you know what that looks like ot me? Somehow more Harpys were put on the planet than there starting maxima hence you have the die off from starvation effect now you have unlocked the planet from stasis by colonising it!

Does anyone recall the max pop formula for the Harpy? Betcha it’ll come out less that 37K on such a tiny world. Mine topped out at 50K on an 8 Kkm world hence my doubts.

Meanwhile try building a Hyrdro station just on the off chance the extra land mass fixes the problem???

The natives were already there. If that was a problem, they should already be dead. lol

It’s not a big deal, only a few k of population, it’s the point this shouldn’t happen.

So the harpies here are dying not because of negative growth brought about by landmass/temp, but because the harpy population is actually larger than the initial max pop of harpies on the planet. For reference, the initial max starting population is:
Initial Population Size = Planet Diameter (KM) * 3 (for populations of the player’s Major Faction)

Initial Population Size = Planet Diameter (KM) * 6 (for populations of all other Factions under the player’s control)

Just building a farm should increase the max pop supported and end the killing of harpies.

I don’t disagree,it is obviously wrong, but the right population should have been there to begin with or they’d already be dead, not dying now just because I landed and claimed it.

You have to have bio farms, I doubt anyone has that yet, except maybe Pepe lol.

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The issue here is initial max pop (the amount supported without the need to build additional farms) but for reference the equation for max pop is:

Maximum Population Size = PlanetDiameter * PlanetUsableSurface * MaxPopMultiplier * GlobConst

In this case, the racial modifier is 1 for harpies and the global constant is 75, so the max pop is 111,150 without increasing landmass.

It’s still a bug. It should have been right when I landed. I have built nothing.

Well I’m not sure it’s specifically a bug, because the amount of native pop on a planet seems random within a set range, and does not take into account the initial pop that can be supported. Logically, I understand your point that they would be dead already in reality, but game-wise, it can only be a good thing for us because if you colonize a small planet with a high native pop roll, you have the option of building a farm and this keeping extra pop you would not have.

Obviously though Joe and the team can make their own determination on whether this is an intended edge case or not.

Oh its absolutely a bug!

Obviously the generation of worlds algorithm still has a few “edge cases” in it and you were exposed to one of them. Such a combo of pop in such a planet should not have been possible. But your colonisation made the planet get actively assessed from its base stats looks to me.

So that leads me to think that at some point a checksum pass during Galaxy creation would be a good idea to weed out these anomalies. It further occurs to me, that any such checksum could be used to ensure players got “Good” home systems where the Res to Usable world balance could be double checked so every one stars approximately fairly.

Good catch thanks for reporting it. I think you exposed a bigger issue than was immediately apparent. What do you recon @joe?

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If such a thing is a bug then ability to colonise planet with 1 person in coloniser is a bug too because… u know… how that single guy\cat multiply?

P.S. Before colonisation there were free girl-bird race wich live in harmony with nature but when ur decpicable tirans put them all in urbanity and they begin depend from civilization poor birds die fro minsuffirion food. KIller.
P.P.S. Yeah, just joking. All thise topic u made because u have nothing to do.

LOL! Of course we have nothing to do! You must be worse off than the rest of us!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven yesterday when both you & @Teeo both liked a post of mine. That’s how desperate we are here Hehehe (j/k)

Seriously all these things have in one way or another come up before, but its still funny to see one as extreme as this.

Still Pepe has a good point Can we get a badge if we do colonise a world with 1 person? Call it the Superman Award or some such :wink:


Right now that’s what I’d call an “exploit” of an unintended “feature”…lol @joe just force the colonization module require to have 4k on board before allowing the colonizing function to be available. That ends this problem.

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The spawning algo is supposed to do this now and the same for a second planet in that system (I think the size of home planets could do with better standardising).

I’ll get the devs to take a look at all the issues raised in this thread, thanks (including the solo colonist).

Just no, not even close… All of my home system worlds I could colonise from the get go (PR) Res spread seemed properly random, but if I could move my capital just a couple of orbits over… I would have in a heart beat. But I figure I was exceedingly lucky.

Whereas I have scouted some (now abandoned) home-worlds that are just “eeewwwweee!” Tiny (Sub 10 KKm size) 60% res across the board and nothing else in the system I would even take a second glance at.

Ironically Joe your “Test user” system is one of them I can work with the worlds in it now as I have Terraforming and know (sorta) what I am doing but had a real player spawned there they would not have lasted more than a couple of days…