Hard limits and soft solutions


If you’ve read any of my posts you’ll notice a common theme, that i hate hard limits that aren’t really dependant on anything. In real life the number of ships in any fleet is more dependant on the fleets’ mission, physical barriers, and the fleets’ leader.

Boats dont exactly stop on a dime so in difficult to maneuver waters, or in shallow waters, or in narrow water ways, boats do not move in clusters or any minor issue can have a domino affect. We do not presently have similar situation in game but if the ambushes I spoke about in the referenced thread are added, this concept can certainly be a reason not to have all your fleets at max.

The leader of a fleet is possibly the biggest reason not to have large fleets. More than the resources available on any ship, if its commander can’t handle the number of ship’s involved, the fleet will likely perform poorly. Syntis computers wouldn’t be able to handle the number of objects just like every other race. I don’t know if the present flagship number should be changed as if to represent a “standard” admiral, but a more experienced admiral should be able to handle larger fleets.

Lastly, a special ops team sent to sneak around wont be bringing a mini-gun with them. It just doesnt make sense that someone would try to sneak around with a heavy belt fed weapon that makes immense noise when fired, so why is it such a common idea to bring large battleships around in stealth operations?

I get the need for simplicity, and understand the needle the devs are trying to thread with respect to the answers to their polling and responses on the forums, but this is just how I feel. I decicided against posting how I would make combat work, I’m not designing the game after all and that would just make this single post a lot longer.

Edit: also something about cluttered ships makes the fleet more vulnerable to poorly aimed shots.