Guard Zones Not Engaging Pirates

Recently, I’ve been having pirates that constantly attack my homeworld. I am talking at least once within a 12 hour period. That doesn’t bother me. However, I feel that there is some bug with guard zones as they don’t engage pirate fleets. Why do I have guard fleets if they don’t guard? It’s getting a bit annoying to log in every time to have ships built while I was offline destroyed already. :expressionless:

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It is not a bug but, I believe, intended. But I agree, would be nice if they attacked pirates or at least give us the option to do so. Some sort of pop-up, when selecting guard mode, would be nice. And there you could set params for the guard, like attacking pirate fleets, priority, refueling, auto-refresh of cloak detection etc.

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If it’s intended, do they want us to be online 24/7? At the very least, I wish that within gravity wells, guard fleets would be the first to engage pirates. I’m left taking my invasion fleets full of troops and trying to hide them, all while not knowing the parameters pirate fleets look for. So far, it seems that leaving fleets parked in my homeworld’s gravity well is a good way to spawn pirates.

Edit: More automation would be nice for sure. I know in regular galaxies, I didn’t want to always turn on cloak detectors every few hours.

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your pirates are not supposed to spawn while your offline. It doesnt seem to work very well, I hope to improve the online/offline detection by returning to the lobby before closing the game. I believe to some extent it works but I also believe the pirates can detect your fleets even if they are in orbit as I have had a pirate target one such fleet from accross my empire.

Guard fleets really need to target pirates. In the mean time, minefields work vs pirates.

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I think it is a question of priorities. With so many things that is needed for this game to be released, annoying pirates are probably pretty far down on the list and guard fleets are pretty bare-bone and have a lot of things need improving.

Personally I have never seen pirates as an issue except in early game where they take out un-escorted colonizers and freighters. Mid-late game all my fleets are well-armed so the pirates rarely, or ever, attack them.

I actually wish the pirates would grow stronger so that you would need dread fleets to take them out. Others though do not so the best approach is to have a separate PvE zone and by then they can just remove the pirates altogether.

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I do wish I could destroy a pirate base. Make it hard to do, like Sins of a Solar Empire or Stellaris, but at least it’s possible. Having more PvE would be beneficial for cases of being surrounded by inactives. And having wormholes to special areas would work well too so the active players can interact in-game.


I didn’t know that about minefields. I have noticed like you mentioned that there are my pirates, and then the pirates levelled to the same level as my neighbors. Unfortunately, I have the 14/14 pirate fleets cruising around and destroying my newly built dreadnaughts if I go offline.

Agreed. Pirate bases in PvE areas could be both a solo and co-op activity that would certainly break the boredom of just empire building.

Worm holes, or warp gates, is another feature this game would greatly benefit to break down the huge distances between other players, so you can meaningfully interact, and to PvE areas. Hopefully both of these features will come next year.

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