Guard Zone Updating

Guard Zones don’t update when destroyed, invaded, or replaced. I had guard zones up when I was invaded and the planets with the guard zone were taken by the invader. The name on the guard zones updated to the invader’s name and changed in color from blue to red. Since then I have taken back those planets. The guard zone planetary structures were gone but the guard zones around the systems were still there in red and in the invader’s name. I have since rebuilt new guard zone planetary structures but the guard zones around the system remain in red and with the invader’s name. Now, I can’t use the ship’s guard zone feature and I can’t build mines to protect the system. This could be a very useful feature if it just worked right. But right now it just kinda sucks for me since I have two of these glitched guard zones (showing someone else’s name) in my area preventing me from using mines and my ship’s guarding feature.

I’d already notified IDA about this on discord.

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Me too but I figured an official forum post might let others know its a problem and it has been reported.

Yup have a few red zones and removing and rebuilding them don’t seem to help

Also fleets stay set as guards if you trade planets away that have the guard building.

Wonder if deleting explored history fix’s this.

Good idea…