Guard fleet bugs

Couple things I noticed watching someone try and scout multiple systems with active guards tonight.

They moved in with a fleet of four scouts and split it into 4 and headed for four systems with guard fleets active.

One scout got picked off entering a system alerting the player scouting of active guards.

Second fleet was turned around just before intercept and sent out of system to safety. This brings us to bug one. Both fleets were warp six. My guard fleet remained at warp one even though it showed boost was activated and it had fuel.

Third fleet (same issue) ran away to safety while mine stayed at warp one while showing boost active.

Fourth fleet went into a planets orbit within the defense zone of two systems. The guard fleets from both systems locked onto the hidden in orbit scout and would stop and start all the way to that planet it was parked at hidden in orbit.

:crazy_face: Summurising all u put higher u should use stealthed vettes with scout engine or vette+7/5/3BS in order to have at least something as real guarding fleet.

I did that on the previous AtD and they will just get farmed by dread fleets.

I get the feeling that this guard mechanic was hastily put together and has a tons of bugs as I noticed them going for fleets in orbit but they would stop/start a bunch of times until finally getting to their target.

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Waste of a vette. Players flying dreds with destroyers around.

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IMHO guard fleets are feed no matter what. The only profit from building is minelayer blocking aura. And my comment higher is sarcasm.

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