Guard ability for ships in combat

Problem: In DN vs DN combat, the DNs almost always gets destroyed and I find this weird as usually you want to protect your flagship. But due to the way you can ignore line of sight with missiles/fighters, it is not possible to protect your DN as they are always in the center and take the bulk of the damage.

Solution: Guard ability for ships that will absorb some of the damage directed towards the flagship. I.e. if you set a ship on guard then it will take X % of the damage of the flagship, basically saving it from destruction by potentially sacrificing itself:


We’ve needed a full rethink of battles for a long time…

We need range considerations, movements, orders, directional weapons, ability to flank and fire to the side… we need things like side and rear damage to count double or something,

Ability to set things your opponent cant know… like movements… I actually favour 100% fog of war on weapons, its far to easy to scan and counter… if in flight my weapons are hidden, and only known after an encounter… making battle reports necessary for future knowledge… favour a player that makes a note of the enemy ships from battles…

We need Point defenses… and Dreads would have a ton of them… I dont mind spending 10 times a battleship so long as I get protection…

Extra modules that can be placed on some ships to reinforce, missile jamming,

The energy modules are too directly correlated to weapons on larger hulls… you’re left having a lot of unsued energy generally… Why not have tiers of energy modules, moving from 300 MW to 500 Mw over 5 tiers… but the costs are doubled each tier… so 10K Fa to 50K Fa per module… and build times from 1 min to 5 mins… then as a player I can choose… to bake a ship for longer and more expensive but knowing its more refined, more efficient, even if its only marginally more durable.

It needs a rethink… and it lets the game down a lot…


Yeah it is true that combat needs an overhaul and I heard they are planning for it but not until next year unfortunately. My suggestion is just a temporary thing to prevent DNs from being the cannon fodder they are now.

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