Growing a sustainable empire

Hello there, this guide will be going over advice to be building a sustainable empire that prevents issues from arising before they happen. My guide is specific to humans.

  • set the tax rate to 0% until you have built up a population of over 75,000 then start taxing.

  • Happiness is not essential to start with, short term you can survive losing less than 0.3 per hour for a few days while you build up the industrial base of your empire but don’t let it go to low. aim for about 80-90.

  • Mines are the priority early on, the goal should be a constant rate of 2 planets colonized per day till you have built a strong core and a expansive outer region.

  • Galaxy overview is your best friend, you should be constantly monitoring this once every hour, keep a track of your happiness and tax rate as conditions change and react accordingly.

  • Predict when farms are required based on growth, don’t let your growth stop while you are asleep/away.

  • give every planet a goal, write it notes and work toward that goal, every planet has the general goal of growing so don’t set that as the goal, plan something like science for example, ship production or fuel are a few examples, later on you can generalise the planet but by giving it a set goal per planet you can plan for the future.

  • Change your general objective every day, this is a empire wide goal for that day, you could focus on boosting research, improving growth, maximising credit, every day have a specific goal picka objective that you are critically lacking in and work for that across your empire to build a diverse and well rounded system that can sustain itself.

  • Record your stats, by measuring your progress you can figure out what to work on next and feel encouraged when you can see the results of your work.

  • Send out a cargo ship with every plant you colonise, the easily available resources can provide a massive boost to the planets growth providing an easy access to resources and fuel.

  • Invest, don’t let money build up unless that is the goal, spend it.

  • focus on settling planets with native populations for rapid growth early on, climate modification of the temperature and water should only be done if it is necessary, generally it does not pay off early on.

This is just my advice and tips i have learned, if you want any questions answered feel free to ask.

Ripchee here. Setting the tax rate to 0% is a terrible idea.

Instead, set it fairly high, possible even plan on losing a little happiness at first.
Split your initial combat fleet into two and go scouting.
Create 2-3 colonies asap. Don’t make shitty ones though.
Leave the new colonies at 0% tax until they reach 100% happiness.
Once your new colonies reach 100% happiness, they’ll roughly equal your starting colony on cash inflow. Now reduce your main colony to 0% until you get 100% happiness.

For support on this method, I started playing on Saturday/Sunday (a day or two after A3 started) and I think I have the highest credit income of anyone in the game - though it’s impossible to say for sure. I certainly haven’t seen anyone with higher…

At the time of typing this, I’m just shy of 2,700 credits/hour

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2,390/h here, as a Ripchee. All 8 planets at 100% happiness.

Get Happiness to 100% asap, on every planet. The bonuses are worth it.

2 planets colonized a day will be very painful in terms of corruption after day 3.

Farms are good.

Cargo ships with colony ships are a good thing.

If you find a strong resource planet with natives, great. I haven’t yet, except for an inactive homeworld I plan on exterminating.

Climate modification of temperature is essential for growth rates. Land mass is subject to some debate, mainly because it doesn’t actually work. Or does it? Nobody knows.

I started in Alpha 3 at launch. Your mileage may vary. I really wish diplomacy options existed.

Happiness is quite essential to start with, Happiness influences your growth rates.

You can either sacrifice Happiness for increased income, or you can have a positive happiness trying to reach 100. At 100 all organics get an increase in income, as well as full growth potential for their landmass/temperature range.

A lot of what you say are solid tips, however this seems mostly like a human focused guide.

Syntis guide: Log on colonize planet, log off. :joy: