Going forward... peaceful times

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With Outscape being pulled from Early Access, IDA should reevaluate every single aspect.

One unspoken Truth is that most (wild guess 90% of the playerbase) are playing this game more like sim city than command and conquer while a very small hardcore playerbase is looking for pvp. Yet i cannot think of any update (other than automated freight. which is still terrible) that actually improved / enhanced / expanded the gameplay of the sim city players in any way while there were countless changes to combat mechanics (minefields mostly).

So going forward, IDA has to refocus the basic idea of the game. Lets face it, most 4X players are playing very slow in singleplayer mode against bad AI, building massive empires. However most if not all of the player interaction in Outscape is combat based, change that! Focus on PEACEFUL PLAYER INTERACTION, COOP PVE but NOT PVP COMBAT!!!

Also the realtime approach didnt work and certainly will not work ever as any real time game will always favor the players who play more while as pointed out above, most 4X players are playing slowly and mostly against PVE and only very few people actually play 4X games in multiplayer competitively. So Outscape kinda has to get rid of realtime and move towards more or less turn based, maybe pseudo realtime that shows a realtime game yet is mostly based on turns that are not that obvious to the player. For example no free flight between systems but only directly from one system to another.


It’s only a pity that IDA have no ability for such a great scale changes which makes ur post to be actuall trolling. :grin:

I would not put it past them. I have seen them shown interest in creating PvE areas which can very well serve as a co-op PvE area. Which btw is a great idea as most 4X gamers are used to PvE and not PvP.

I think both should be supported but to make co-op PvE the focus makes a lot of sense.

I mean we have spent all this time discussing PvP balance back and forth when the obvious choice of PvE focus seems to have been overlooked.