Getting into Alpha 3


He was not new, at least not any newer than I am


It will be in game before live.

It won’t be purchased with dark orbs as that is p2w.

The general idea I think is based on insurance from Beyond Protocol.

Essentially you retain a % of your research points, and the SEED ship can be loaded with resources, credits, and population. The SEED ship has enough modules on it to give you everything you start with, when you restart the game.

There were going to be researched ones where you can have much more capacity for storing research, money, resources, population.

When you were killed/died, you would then get your SEED ship and dump the ship somewhere of your choosing (like choose a sector) and then you had to find a new home for yourself. Once you find the new home, you can then populate the planet with all the new stuff, all your pop, all your resources, credits, and then you would go through your research and re-appropriate your RP to technologies again.

So, the gist is that you don’t have to start over from scratch. You start over with some resources and population, and like 25-50% of your total research.


Fair enough, as I said I’m not there, so I only know what is said here. Either way he can always just restart if he’s wiped, if not he can reset if he wants to if the allowed time has passed.


Yeah, the thing is he wasn’t wiped, so no need to reset. He lost a single fleet.


no need to bother about me anymore, i already uninstaled.
And btw Cheatle, i wasnt wiped yes, but there was alot of game to be had with the home system and a crap colony.


I’ll agree that you were quite unlucky with your systems, hopefully IDA balances the early game and starting positions a bit better in the next alpha/beta.


Then please don’t lie, lying creates tension between people that shouldn’t be there, it also can hurt the development of the game, and in general not a good policy.