Getting into Alpha 3


I have been signed up for Beta for a while, but would like the opportunity to help with Alpha 3. I was wondering if it is possible to get a Key for alpha 3?


Same here. I messaged Outscape on Facebook and received a quick response that I had been added to a list, and that I was to receive an invite via mail in a couple of days. Has been a while now, but I guess the next time they feel ready to add more people I’ll be able to get into the game too! So just hit them up on Facebook, mention the e-mail adres you used for the Beta sign-up and I expect they’ll do the same for you.


I don’t know the official answer, but in A2 they released keys in waves. I suspect the same will be true here.

One thing to be aware of is this is an Alpha, and there’s bugs, missing features, and … well everything you would expect from an Alpha game. Getting the swing of things can also be tough. However, I think that the big strength of this game is the community, and the devs responsiveness to feedback. By getting more people actually playing/testing and communicating I think that will end up with a better product for everyone.


I had the same experience as Trinna.

Nobody will mind if you ask, I do know from their blogs they are a little concerned that the games not user friendly enough for new players. So if you ask say on Facebook be sure that you’re willing to press through any initial difficulties so you can get to the meat of the game. It IS worth it.

Without meaning to be nasty the folks that folded without trying at least for a few days did the game a disservice as how can we get feed back from a player slot that wont even try to play?

I know it can be hard… but still Alpha: we are here to help the Devs at this point the real game will come later.

EDIT: I would like to say that I freely understand some folks had to quit because of sudden real life concerns etc I am not as I said trying to be petulant.
But I have come across a few starter world were the starter ships have not even moved from their start positions I would say.
To that I gotta say: What up with that??


Seeing abandoned homeworlds is heartbreaking. Same goes for seeing people stream complaints in chat. This is an alpha. If you’re not interested in being an alpha tester, and you are expecting a finished product then you are doing it wrong.

Personally, in the world of paid early-access and pay-to-win games, this gives me all the more reason to try to support Outscape. If I hate the way that most developers are moving the gaming industry then I need to actively support the few that are trying to do it right.

Is the call-to-arms program still running? I thought you could send invites through that. I was looking recently and I didn’t see anything other than a mention that it existed.


I quit at least till a new world open since i started late next to a very aggressive player that using the excuse that he was protecting his trade lanes destroyed all my colonies.
It’s an almost funny excuse since i never atacked any of his ships.


Man I totally understand you. But have to ask: Why did you not just restart rather than quit?

Yes I get its frustrating losing what you have built to somebody like this, but in an effort to make the game better please consider restarting as you’re very unlikely to get stuck next to that same player again.

Besides maybe your experience highlights a weakness in the spawn process or highlights a disparity between defence and aggressive play? I don’t know as I don’t know all the details but thats exactly what needs to be tested.

So take a few days off sure then please try again we’re not all out for blood to the point where folks cant play here :slight_smile:


Yes, just restart, especially if you were just getting started when you got destroyed.

@mel @joe maybe you should look at the spawning of new players, it is discouraging to get destroyed so early, he should not have spawned so close to a seasoned player.


You are right, ill restart.
I know how the game works a bit better now.


A couple of questions, is this the same guy you had a fleet of armed ships parked in his territory for several days and they asked you to leave?

Because if so, said person attacked only a single fleet, and didn’t touch your colonies.


Thank you! This is an adventure in itself.

Jump on Discord find yourself an alliance (there are several represented) its not as good as having In game alliance rules (though thats on the next thing to do list apparently!) but companionship is always good!

And share your experiences as often as you can !


Ah yes, an aggressive player that destroyed all your colonies. Not someone peaceful and patient getting tired of a nearby player not understanding several warnings over the course of several days and getting sworn at due to them protecting their investment, no of course not! :joy:


you destroy my single fleet of 4 scouts (so scary) that was scouting the system right next to my colony.
An empty system btw.
When i noticed you warning i moved to the next system.
Again an empty system.
you simply destroyed the fleet.
then you send a large fleet to destroy my only other colony because i was in the way.
It’s not aggressive at all.
I was such a threat to you.


Your 4 scouts would have been enough to take down my transport fleets, I told you not to scout those systems (which you ignored), I followed the scout fleet for a long time saying it would be destroyed if it did not leave (which it did not) I then destroyed said fleet and your response was “Fuck you then”.

And the colony that was in the way of my cargo route was an aggressive forward settle that I tried to stop, but again you did not read my warnings so I had no choice but to ignore the colony at that time…

Had you simply read and respected my warnings then I would not have had to destroy that scout fleet or send a large fleet to secure my interests.

Also, you clearly lied to people here on the forum saying “destroyed all my colonies” I did not even reach your colony before you restarted and left your entire empire barren.

Edit: And to add to this whole thing, the planet was bad in terms of resources and it was the only colony that I planned to remove.

Edit 2: Oh, and your scout fleet was not close to one of your colonies, it was in my territory.

Edit 3: The whole “started late” thing is also a lie, you started around the same time as me, perhaps a tiny bit later.


Here is a tip for the future, do as I do: Use unarmed scouts. Could have saved you some trouble.


He’s new, how would he have armed fleets already? All sounds like an exaggeration to me, but hey I’m not there. He should just restart.


The issue with the “just restart” argument is the 7-day waiting period before you can restart.

I can see the devs wanting to prevent people from constantly re-rolling, but then something needs to be done to improve starting placement. We either need more space from long-time players (anyone more than a week or two ahead of you), and that needs to take into account all colony and fleet placement, not just homeworld. We also need a better way to levelset starting systems. Some people with 5km planets and general crap systems should get a free reroll.


I heard there is suppose to eventually be something like a seed ship that will save some or all your technology research and some other things, I don’t recall what all I heard. That will eliminate the restart issue long term. Short term they need to change the restart from 7 days to 1 day first time, 3 days 2nd time, then 7 days after that. I don’t know when this guy started to know if his 7 days is already up or not. If a longer term player doesn’t have the 7 day waiting period, restarting could get abused.

But in this case if the guy was wiped out, he automatically gets a restart - no waiting period.


@Morri he isn’t brandnew, he has had armed fleets in neighboring systems and asked to move for awhile now. His fleets were removed, but his planets weren’t touched, outside of that system.


My understanding is the seedship idea was more or less shelved for now. Maybe something that could be purchased with dark orbs (or whatever the premium currency was), but not something that was going to be a real possibility any time soon.