Get a Business Model!

Relying on word of mouth to bring in ever increasing numbers of purchases to fund ever increasing development costs really doesn’t appear to be working. I don’t think that a fire sale would help.

Yet I love this game and really really want it to succeed !!!

Perhaps the publishers/devs might consider some form of a subscription revenue model. Not pay to win but rather pay to play. Perhaps some players might even could opt to pay more than the required minimal subscription. Perhaps Steam could process the income stream ?

discuss pls ?


I think a subscription model would sink this game, personally. I love it, but I wouldn’t pay a monthly for it unless it was far, far more developed (and in the right direction). And I’m not sure enough others would either, and it would discourage future sales of the base game.

If they need a revenue stream, and soon, their best bet is working on the tedium (which they’ve started!), making it easier for friends to join up in a way that doesn’t break the game, and then having a big fire sale, encouraging folks to tell their friends about the game, and then relying on word-of-mouth to help.

Honestly, they could make this game decent enough for me to recommend to my pals and even gift to a few of them with some relatively minor changes. Though I have no idea how minor those changes are in terms of coding time (and thus cost), and that’s what matters for this discussion.

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Again i wouldnt want to pay monthly but i have said there should be the option of of donating money, perhaps somewhere on steam to buy nothing that adds to your game, but a £10, $10 or what ever donation voucher

Steam takes a pretty hefty cut, they’d be better off with a Patreon or something like that. I’d certainly be willing to toss down some extra cash. The issue with taking donations is that you have to become even more transparent with the dev process, lots of communication so that your donors can see their funds at work.

If IDA thinks they could manage that, though, I think it’d be a good move for them. The 4X crowd is small but incredibly dedicated, especially when we perceive a company as being equally dedicated to us. For a game we believe in, there’s no way we’d let it fail.

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These are not my ideas, can’t find the original persons name to give them credit. If I do, I will.

Outscape has its own website, so a link to some kind of payment system is easy.

Generate funds:

  1. Allow personal graphic additions to ships, etc… This could be run through Steam Workshop, easy enough. If anyone played Rust, then you know their is a whole host of customizable stuff you can buy. What ships with Skull & crossbones for a few bucks? No problem. Doesn’t add anything in terms of Pay to Win.

  2. They already have race slots in the lobby for most races. $5, play on the server with a second account, try a 2nd race. With the important notice, that the 2nd account is cast to the opposite end of the galaxy, so any possible advantages you may get from this is none to extremely minimum. Once server is finished, so is your $5 play time.

I know, I would pay for both. If they were available.

I agree with the donation idea. Though I would not pay monthly, I’d definitely be open to throwing some money IDA’s way every once in awhile, finances permitting. :slight_smile:

I think I read somewhere that their sever costs are quite high, if anything bringing that down should be their priority.

I may be remembering wrong though.

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I play an indie game on Steam that uses Patreon to supplement Steam sales, works quite well for them.

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How about Ship skins; new set of ships models that can be bought to replace the models of an existing race same stats just have them look different. Different race icons/arts.

Rather than a subscription Model they could do worse than taking a leaf from Piranha Games Mechwarrior online’s “Premium Time” concept.

In brief you “buy” some of that and choose to expend it when it suits you. While its running you get an XP Buff and certain features are opened up. I stopped playing before it was implemented but they were going to have their “Private Matches” feature work like that. A private match could be run only by somebody using up Premium time as that justified the small scale server load for what might be a 1 v 1 instead of a full set of players.

Something similar here could work as the more hardcore (Veteran?) Galaxys could be limited to those that chose to use their premium time on play there. While other (skirmish & Main1) Galaxy’s would be accessible to folks that had bought the base game but were not yet in Love with it to the degree they HAD to play super Hardcore mode.

As long as P2W type features (Like say Build/Research speed ups) were not activated under Premium Time this would avoid the evils of P2W but provide a stead server cost paying revenue stream from those that chose to pay it. Purely cosmetic things like skins custom Name jobs etc could also be included here though I’d prefer a flat fee for such cosmetic add ons including say Paint Colours - IF (ah say IF!) the Ships have been coded to allow for such variations.

But for ANY of this or any of the other worthy suggestions here and elsewhere to fly we need a chunk more content to justify it. The core of the game is superb (well it was before the recent patch Bugged it to hell in a hand-basket!) but there is so much more needed before I could call this a complete game in itself.

That said is @Joe or anyone would give me a Pay Pal email or addy I’d cheerfully wire them £5.0 each month to cover MY Server fees and those of a couple more (Stated server cost / player <£20/Year: thus about £1.66/month) folks that didn’t yet feel the need.

I may complain but I’ll put my money where my mouth is every time for this game coz I can see it could truly be great with a bit more effort!

If we were ever to see any type of cash shop, I wouldnt mind seeing just cosmetics, new skins for ships, maybe new themed looks for each race, gives the art team extra to work on, and would love to buy paints and new skins for my ships, as long as nothing changes the funcionality.

I agree. Subscription should be in place. Otherwise, the only way to bring in money is to keep catering to bringing in new players … which, as we have seen, has led to a compromise on the ‘not Pay to Win’ promise … inviting ‘friends’ to your planet can obviously be taken advantage of by paying for more copies of the game. Even a monthly fee of five dollars seems reasonable … I’d pay it. I’m still paying for monthly subscription to EVE and barely log in anymore.

There are other ways, other then subscription. See my post, in this thread.

Subscription, is now Dinosaur theory, in my view.