Game wont connect or crashes immediately

As of yesterday when I launch Outscape one of three things happens. The game gets hung up on “connecting to the server”, the game gets hung up on authenticating, or the game loads and immediately crashes. I have restarted my pc, cleared game cache in steam, restarted my modem and router and nothing seems to work. This is after weeks of playing the game with no issues. There were no changes to my computer or connection.

Can anyone advise?


After failing to connect to the server I get this message

Having the same issue since yesterday. Have also removed the game, deleted all registry entries and reinstalled. Now after reinstall I can’t log in (hanging on authenticating un/pw)

A few people were talking about it in discord, I figured I’d post here and my get the attention of some staff.

Also having the same issue since this morning. Primarily hanging on connecting to server. A couple of times I was asked to log in - but then stuck again on the connection step.

Getting same issues… Uninstalled and reinstalled game, rebooted router, cleared cache and get hung up on connecting to server… @joe @loopzilla

There was a brief issue yesterday but it appeared to have been resolved. So those of you that had this issue are still affected by it right now?

@joe yes.

Having authentication / connecting to server issues.
If I get in, am now crashing instantly within ~ minute

-As of 30 seconds ago.

I have the exact same symptoms.

I’ve asked the devs to look in to this and am waiting to hear back. I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

If any of you that are affected by this could PM me your game log file I’ll forward them on to the devs, maybe it’ll help speed up getting this resolved. Instructions on how to find your game log file can be found here.

I sent you a couple of mine. I have 10 crashes today for the times it didn’t hang on the connect or auth, and 4 from yesterday. I can email the .dmps if I have an email address.

Any update?

Having a bunch of similar issues sent PM with output_log files.

Thanks for the output logs I’ve been sent. I’ve posted an update on this here:

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