Game will not work

I can get into the game perfectly fine, but even though everything seems to be normal, i cannot move any fleets, or start or cancel any construction. I also cannot use the chat in any way. Please help!

@magnesium13 yeah same for everyone bud :frowning:

Good to know, thanks

yeah. thanks for voicing. i was curious myself. any word on fix schedule?

Last message was at 9:11 pm in chat and its now 11:30 pm, Soooo, I would say tomorrow. The Sun will come out…

@Mel @Joe this being addressed?

Sorry guys. We will fix it as soon as possible.


well that answers that

Acknowledging all you folks who haven’t been able to play in your prime time.

But lets all have a moment of sympathy for IDA staff that logged into work to see the seething heap of Bug reports & forum posts…

Servers down now I suspect they are giving it the kiss of life as we speak…


Server should be online. Sorry for inconvenience.


Oh i only made a goofball post regarding the issue. Did it suck i lost most of a day due to me being a night owl/practically never sleeping? Sure, but no need to get bent out of shape over it. We let them know, and they fixed it soon as they were aware, now we’re right as rain. Or was that left at Albuquerque? Always get that confused :frowning:

You think you have it bad? I can’t even connect to the server

Same here. I wonder if the fleet patch is having a breakdown considering the negative response :expressionless:

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2 [Zathabar]
Players offend him too deep. His revenge becames everyone’s nightmare.

LOL! If I had that Kinda power, there’d be some changes around here… I’d get all the Zombies in and working hard and efficiently!

Trust me, nobody yet has seen me offended… :slight_smile: Beware the wrath of somebody in customer service that can finally blow off steam!

We are restoring it right now and should be fixed very soon. Sorry for inconvenience :frowning_face:

Server is back online.