Game Suggestions

New and Restarting Players
It would be good if there was a negative affect system for stronger players attacking weaker players. This sort of system would make the life of a universe last longer and also would encourage new players to the universe as well as encourage the people to restart if taken out. This score affecting taking of planets and killing of ships. Never making stronger player that weak that they cant take out weaker players just that they suffer heavier losses than if with nothing. This again creating causal players the ability to feel they can hold there own. A empty universe would be a boring one

Taking of Planets
Seems to happen quite quick. Maybe a planet Moral system. Where it takes 4 or 5 attacks to take over a planet. This would create the ability to defend against a force attempting to take over the planet. Like reinforcing troops to planet in question. A example i notice it takes 30-40mins to take a simply controlled planet if it took 4 or 5 attacks of that amount of time to pass example 2hs it creates a war possibility between the parties offensive needing to stop reinforcements while taking and defence needing to get troops to the planet in time before the taking of the planet. With like a moral of 100 and each attack takes 80 moral away from the control of the planet each success in attack.

Ship Upgrades
The ability to be able to add components to singlar ships without making a template. Have a base template like there is now but with the ability to after built go in and change out 1 slot at a time

I think there shoulld be the ability to have each universe a different alliance group of people. If something like this doesnt happen the best players would all end up on one side and it would kill the game. With each universe being a random placement of people would mean that someone who was your enemy in 1 universe has now become your friend in the next. Also creating a alliance limit would be a good idea 50 or 100 players


Something like this would be fun, though I’d argue that it needs to be more nuanced.

A planet’s happiness level should have an impact on invasions. If a planet was at 100% happiness prior to an invasion then it should get reset to something like 0% happiness with a modifier that cuts happiness gains by 75% for 15 days. During that time it also decreases the effectiveness of planetary defenses (army, home guard, and orbit defense) by 50%. If the original owner retakes the planet while the debuffs are active then the modifiers disappear. The size of the debuffs should also be relative to the happiness, so planets with lower happiness are easier to take. This would result it it being slightly more complicated to take planets, and making it easier to retake them. It also makes things more realistic.

The other cool thing about something like this is it opens the door for cultural warfare. Add in propaganda missions (specialized ship deploys to a planet and decreases happiness). You could leverage propaganda to the point of riots, and then invade. The debuffs from the invasion would be shortened, so it makes invasions easier. Also, this gives the ability to disrupt a planet without actually attacking.

Make the propaganda mission require something like 12-24 hours to complete, and drop the happiness by 10-25%. Then add in something where entertainment centers and army bases reduce propaganda impact by 5%. Add in a broadcast station that reduces it by 20%.

For Syntis, pick some mid-range value for the debuffs. Since toasters don’t riot you could basically offline everything and instead of a “riot” they are being “reprogrammed”

In short, make happiness part of the war effort.

If you really want to get into a complex way of managing this look at Stellaris where you have values and portions of the population respond differently. They may be more inclined to accept one type of overlord than another. There’s also the cultural influence that was used in Sins of a Solar Empire where you could easily expand your borders when pushing enough propaganda. Star Wars Rebellion had uprisings that could change the allegiance of a planet without firing a single shot.

There are a number of fairly easy systems to implement to protect new players. Diminishing scaling bonuses to the new players help. Incentives to alliances to adopt new players help. Lots of options.

A planet morale system is an excellent idea as it allows for all manner of game mechanics and player and alliance incentivizations.

re: Alliances, there is a very neat, but complicated mathematical trick that you can do to prevent alliances from stacking all of the best players. It is elegant in it’s incentivization simplicity and completely dynamic and effective.