Game no longer available

I came back to Outscape after about three weeks or so to find that the game I was playing is no longer available to me. Additionally, there were no other games available.

What has happened?

You are not alone in this discovery sadly…
There is a pre beta server running but it’s closed due to being full.

There is supposed to be another server opening at some point but nothing new has been put forth by the devs at this time.

I just tried to join a game that was created on 10-19-19 (Today is 10-20-19) and it said I cant join…
Then tried the skirmish that was started 10-07-19, and got the same message…


New server opens on the 22nd everything else is closed to new players. Will be an option to buy a copy of the game at that time as well.

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Good morning @DeathRaye

The game goes on Steam early release this Tuesday and existing games are currently closed for new joiners. As you have played before you will get Free Access to one Galaxy when it goes live in a couple of days. If you want full Early Access then you’ll have to pay.

So if its been a while since you played hold on a bit and play in the free Galaxy extended to Alpha testers and decide if you wanna buy in to EA later.

Good to see you again, Scroll back through the last couple of Blog announcements for the full details.

Edit: Goddam @WarMongers you Ninja