Game is sluggish and keeps disconnecting

As mentioned. My internet service isn’t the best.

However, when I say that. It is good enough to stream movies and TV shows over the Xmas period, whilst everyone else is at home doing the same thing.

However the sluggish nature of the game now. Is making the game for me, currently unplayable. I keep getting disconnected around every 20 minutes of gameplay.

Any orders are taking 4 to 8 seconds delay to be recognized. Then eventually the system folds and I get the following error:

DBTextService request failed: No response from server

likely just a you issue as i leave the game open basicly all the time and im on point to point wireless internet (very weather dependent and slow) and im able to stay fine


So streaming movies, usually high bandwidth no problem. Playing this kind of game, usually low bandwidth = unplayable.

Frankly I can’t see how this works. I had no issues, till the lastest Invite a Friend patch. Now haven’t really been able to play the game for four days now.

EA or not. Should be able to play the game; no? Otherwise, what did I spend my money on?

Betcha its Ping related and how many hops the game data is making. Do you know your DNS set up?

No idea. I guess I could look it up.

What could I change?

TLDR: Make sure your computers are set to say Googles DNS servers, your system may be custom rolled and rebelling a bit now and again.

Well depends how Technical you are… Take a look at this page and if it doesn’t scare the bejayzuz outta you download the freeware and give it a run through

My suspicion is that just maybe your shared net it bouncing the games data packets from pillar to post possibly dropping a vital packet now and again.

Reason I wonder this is I do know some folks living in certain places had connection issues that suggested to me that perhaps their were some routing issues in the game or in the ISP/carriers getting it to them (& maybe you)

Just playing a hunch old chap.

I’ll take a look. Thanks for the info.

This was the result of a speed test:

Internet speed test

Megabits per second

Testing upload…


Mbps download


Mbps upload

Latency: 45 ms

Server: Los Angeles, CA

Your Internet speed is typical

Hrm that doesn’t indicate the issue I suspected.

The latency is pretty good at 45 ms. Its not guaranteed though; did the test you used mention anything about “dropped” or “Lost” packets?

Thats what I was looking for? It can be a single dropped packet can crash something and what you described sounded a bit like that initially. I’m less sure now reading that test result.

No chance the times of drop out are times when anyone else on the line is doing stuff like streaming or some such? I woulda expected you already thought of that though. Still occasionally worth asking “the obvious” just to eliminate it?

Conclusion was the following, summary:

ý More than 20% of resolvers were unreliable? X

ý Only the built-in default resolvers were benchmarked. X

þ System has multiple redundant nameservers configured. Tick

þ All system nameservers are alive & replying to queries. Tick

þ System’s nameservers are probably optimally ordered. Tick

þ System nameservers are faster than ALL public alternatives. Tick

þ This system’s nameservers are 100% reliable. Tick

þ All of this system nameservers return errors. Tick

þ System nameservers are replying to all query types. Tick


No one else at home, No one else using the internet or wifi.

Yes sadly.

That means my hunch was wrong. Its not likely to be anything in your set up. You’re in Nevada yes? Nah not too likely to be anything dire, the odd bit of sluggishness just maybe but not full disconnects like you described.

C’mon community there gotta be loadsa better Techies than me in here. Suggestions peeps? This ole man needs to go to bed!

Lemmie think on it Britus, but I think its confirmed its this recent patch somewhere , I just cant think how any of their advertised changes woulda changed the games server client characteristics for you right now. :frowning:

Thanks for trying to help, old man. :speak_no_evil: Yes, Nevada.

I’ve mentioned in passing, for the last few days. Now that the ‘fix’ is in, I’m still having the same issues.

Awaiting @joe official response now.

Hi, sorry to hear about this. I’m waiting to speak to the devs about it to see what they suggest. Are you getting any other errors other than the “DBTextService request failed: No response from server” error?

Nope. That is it.


Good news. Today, I can play the game as usual.

Still a little sluggish, yet that is expected. As the 2,000 odd players for the most part start to enter the ‘end’ game period.

My theory is. Because of the 2,000 plus fleets that were literally bouncing around the galaxy. When enough of them did this at the same time, it produced a ping / lag spike. Which in my case, caused the disconnect.

Post ‘partial’ fleet bug fix. A lot of players within the past 24 hours, have fixed their fleets. Resulting in less Server stress and now playable game for me.

@Zathabar Thanks again, for your help.

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