Game is locking up since update

@joe Almost every time I try to zoom into a fleet to perform some action the game throws an exception code while I’m viewing the ships and locks up. Can’t use the back button and have to reload the game. This started after the patch/update yesterday, 8/8/19.

Can you say what Graphic settings please? I tried to reproduce on mine but no luck so far…? I’m on an nVidia card… You?

Same graphic card and settings as before the update. For game I have 1600 x 900, Medium, and windowed. The graphics device is integrated Intel HD graphics 630 on a desktop i5. I am also getting lots more lag type issues after the update. Tell ships to move and they take their time getting around to it, and a few other noticeable differences since before the update.

Hmm not good.

Oh I assumed you had not made hardware changes and that previously you had no real problems. Just trying to see if the issue was specific to your hardware or more widespread.

Meh cant duplicte it myself (yet) can I ask if you get any issues playing the Videos they embedded in their new help pop ups? If they require a codec your graphics chip is baulking at that just might be the issue I was wondering?

Bit of a shot in the dark but can you check?

Failing that have you tried doing a repair under steam? Just wondering if there is an old library in there thats screwing with the updated files? That might clear it if so?

Finally had this happen to me. Zoomed into a mixed Gunboat (Scout) & Destroyer fleet and blam whole game froze till a reboot. Didnt do it on a second attempt so its gotta be intermittent but Zorbski must just be finding its sweet spot sadly

Game went nuts last night when looking over planets/fleets in a shared system.
I had to reboot to clear it and caused some friendly fire as well before I got logged back in.

The training videos played fine, I tried a repair, no joy… I even uninstalled and re-installed through steam and that didn’t fix either. One other clue might be this. I can zoom into a fleet the first time after I load the game but every time on the second try I get the lock-up. I will also get the lock occasionally when I go to view in a colony so this pretty much screws up playing the game at all. I’m planning to start A4 a little later today but I don’t have my hopes up. It all started after the latest update. @joe

Thanks for the reports on this, I’ll see if I can’t find out what’s going on from the devs and will update you as soon as I can.

Just had the same thing occur in A4. I can zoom into fleet view once. The next time I try, I get the lock-up.

Rearranging some scouts and had some visual bugs. In game report seemed to send for that.
Second pic was me stuck and having to relog to get out. In game report seems to have froze for this one.