Game is frozen

Not able to move fleets around. @joe

  • Frozen and lagging. I can’t move fleets, the fllets that in route move slowly. Its looks like an EVE when a lot of ships are in battle

Servers crashed, can’t log in at all now.

I’m getting a maintenance screen now so looks like they are working on things.

Except that our Devs DO care for them but they iz tired been runnin’ 50 days w’out a break there due…

Seriously though @loopzilla nobody would mind if you had a regular Sunday reboot maintenance old chap - if that would help??

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Purrhaps we can just put some Ripchee colonists into these ball things

It’s back, by the way.

Thanks for letting us know. An issue was spotted and fixed about 40 minutes ago so the game servers should be running as normal again :slight_smile:

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