Game has become very laggy again


Hi all
The game has become very laggy today. it was fine 5 hours ago but over last 3 hours it has gotten worse and worse.

is their something going on with the servers or is this a real issue? I have to say that if it gets as laggy as it did previously then i will have to take a few weeks off as it does become unplayable when it gets this laggy and you have 350 fleets and 160 planets.

Hopefully something can be done

At certain times of the day it is making the game totally unplayable (I saw a video of a building take around 5 minutes to appear in a build queue after being ordered!). I’m hoping tomorrow to have more details about when it will be fixed.


Game is not responding to commands at all… Have logged off and relogged in and the problem is still there…

Its Dec 13th at 11:20 pm EST.

Zombie thread detected!

This is the current main thread on the current issue: Can't queue anything!

Somebody say Zombie??

Agreed, Buy gotta give DeathRaye credit for scanning the forum for a “Correct” thread rather than just make up his own, we got what 2-3 of those already with todays slow-to-a-crawl special event…