Game frozen/stuttering repeatedly today 1-13-2020

Since the latest patch, the servers have started to stutter again. It’ll take commands for a while, and then out of nowhere it’ll just freeze. For a few seconds, 30 seconds, I haven’t really kept track. I just walk away and come back hoping my order has gone through.

Not everyone will keep coming back.

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@joe It’s happening yet again. Right now. Feel free to check the server logs or whatever else, I saw you post a few minutes ago.

I’m trying to transfer ordnance from one fleet to another, and it’s not responding. I can switch between fleets, go out to the galaxy map, and various other things, but commands aren’t being processed.

And it cleared.

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From what I can see in our crash notices it happened a couple of times in the last hour (the game would appear to be working but for a few minutes commands wouldn’t be responding - and after the server auto-restarts things would be working again as normal). The devs are working on fixing these crashes and we’ll apply a fix as soon as one is ready (e.g. server maintenance without 10 minutes downtime).