Game crash on start

Reinstalled windows 10 and DX 12. didnt change the game, was running then, now it dont. not sure if need more windows updates, but my graphics is up to date.

Game crashes after selecting start from pop up menu(brief load attempt of graphics). this is what i get


m_fnInitialize fail

Holy Crepe that’s commitment to getting a game working!

Please tell me that was a planned re-install for you? If not @joe give the chap some love old boy!

Do we have recommended DX modes here yet BTW? Planning a Comp Upgrade myself in the next week or so.

Any info from DEVs or feed back from players useful :slight_smile:

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LMFAO, i just built this comp, was running smooth, then had CPU surge issues. I couldnt solve em so i just redid the OS as step one, step 2 total wipe, didnt have to do step 2 lol. I like my stuff to run propper, or id stuck with the dual core pentium lol.

But anyways, i think i solved it. by redownloading the ASUS GPU TWEAK II. once i got that prog working good, the game loaded even with OC settings, odd…the msgs i was getting were about the game not wanting to launch fully with CPU/GPU OCing? But that seem to solve my issue… even if it was kinda accidentally on purpose on purpose lmfao.

I’m glad you were able to get it working in the end.

The system requirements from the Steam page should still be relevant. Regarding DirectX, 12 should also be fine.


Good to know. I had noticed over the last couple of years my more venerable PC was starting to wheeze a bit making it hard to determine if bug or just out of date hardware!

My current system hits the recommended though, so I can now be sure whats an issue :wink:

Just built this one so not sure if its bugs or malware. I just used my GPU Tweak 2 program and it masked the overclockin on CPU and GPU some how, since that was the issue. The game dont like to run on todays factory or otherwise OCd machines. with this, as some one calls it, the beast (really isnt) i can run CIV 6 and Outscape at the same time. Thor V2 tower but only a Ryzen 7 2700 until i can get a 3800 put in it. but 32 gigs 3200mhz DDR4 RAM, only a 1060 6gb GDDR5x card. its a work in progress. so i have 0 concerns on minimum or optimal requirements. Tho some issues with this comp started right after i updated the patch, and another i know, his did too.

I run mainly on DX12 unless the game specifies or forces DX9-11. Runs with no issues.