Game client errors: June 08 [Resolved]

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend we saw reports from quite a few players about the game client frequently crashing for them (this thread for example).

The devs have been working on resolving this issue and we will push a hotfix to the servers as soon as we can. I’ll update you as soon as I know more.

Apologies to those of you that have been affected by this.



The devs have found and fixed the cause of this issue and a hotfix should be applied within the next couple of hours. I’ll keep you updated.

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We’ve pushed a hotfix for this that should trigger a small Steam update.

While this hotfix should reduce the frequency of this error, there are additional issues triggering it which we are still working on fixing.



It looks like the hotfix fixed the notifications as well. I hadn’t gotten any for a couple of days.

I wasn’t aware there was an issue with them - apart from the ongoing issue of some offline notifications not arriving. But good that they are working as “normal” again.


Just kidding, they’re broken again. I finished researching a new ship design, Covid-20 Tank 3, a few minutes ago, and got no notification for it.

Feel free to look at my ‘past’ notifications, you’ll see the large gap between 1d 11h ago and 4d 8h ago. And I was building ships and watching minefields expire and everything during that time.

For the completion of blueprint research I got the notification when online/offline on both the live and test environments. I’ve added your report to the bug ticket we have for missing notifications.

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Okay, just researched another blueprint redesign, and the notification did pop up on the screen, and made a sound. However, it didn’t show up on my ‘New’ notification tab, or my ‘Past’ notification tab. So if I wasn’t at my computer watching it finish, I wouldn’t know. With a saber, it’s 12 minutes, no big deal, but with battleship/cruiser designs, it’s a lot more important.

Thank you


I’ve seen this a lot too. I usually just let the game run in a second monitor. Sometimes a notification popup will catch my eye and I’ll go to look at it just as it fades out…and there’s nothing in the notification tab so I have no idea what it said.

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