Galaxy overview Sort by Planet Name

Short version: It isn’t sorting by planet name.

Long version: I choose not to post my planet name list, for reasons, but the alphabet doesn’t go in this order, in English at least: U, F, A, M, N, Y, I, D, P, T, A, H, L.

The Sort by Tax rate is confusing at best, due to there being 2 civilizations and tax rates involved, but it doesn’t appear to be in numerical order in any way I can make sense of.


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We’ve had an open bug for this for a while, I’m not sure why it hasn’t been fixed already, I’ll chase it up with the devs. There are a few small issues with galaxy overview that need attention.


This is still broken. I have scouted 414 planets so far, I need them to sort right alphabetically. Can we finally get this fixed?

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I’ll push for it to be included in the next patch (it should be an easy fix).