Galaxies for EA

I realise that we are only a few days away from EA

The veteran galaxy to be more relaxed.

So community what would be nice to see relaxed? Here are some of mine

Corruption/syntis caps.
reductions in minelaying time, personally a 1/2/4 hour drop for each level. or add a few more levels of mines and go 1/2/3/4/5/6 hour deploy.
higher DP per hull… 2-3 times higher.
faster warp speeds. slightly faster in system speeds so long as it doesnt impact ship to ship navigation outcomes
ship radius and flag caps increased by 100%

On a slightly different note:
Let bleeding edge content be deployable to a permanent invite only or beta players only test galaxy. On an ongoing basis I’d like to continue to test the game even beyond EA/Live… If developers need to be able to push code/migration scripts daily to have the community test it to destruction without devs having to burn code time on testing…

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Thanks for tagging me DeicidE. I’ve been away for a while but will get invovled again if there is a new galaxy. <3

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It might be an odd one, but I’d like somewhat relaxed income rates. At present you peak out after some two-three months, it’s be nice if income / pop growth rates etc were like a quarter of the present, so you’d take a long time till you peak out or hit the caps.

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The option for fast minelaying and more diverse warp speeds for hull types are still my big wish list items.
And I’m all in for supporting this game to keep it no pay to win.

Yes, and no. Syntis players complain nonstop for 2-3 months, and then everyone stops caring about credits.

A balancing operation is needed, but I don’t think it’s as simple as relaxing the income rate.

I meant all income rates across the board, i.e. mines, pop growth etc. Just slow down the pace of development so you get more game time before you’re bounded by the caps.

In that case maybe a small break on the cost of smaller ships (IE T1) so we can have some toys to go explore and skirmish with early on but nothing so powerful as to be able to threaten a homeworld with conquest.

I’m all for slowing the breakneck pace right down but allow us to have some means of fighting and claim jumping and all that good stuff is all I am saying. Right now players seem to surge expand then stop and “Incubate” then surge expand again, a more linear pace might be fun instead of an incredibly competitive race to get to “Threshold X”

@Pepelekus showed us just how easily the game can be speed “won” right now that needs to be eliminated in the longest duration Galaxies otherwise, my fear is, they will get stale very fast.


I feel that the gaps between some tech is too great. Idk about anyone else’s ships, but the difference between mankind’s t1 and t2 freighters is huge. It is my opinion that the increase should be much more gradual.

2 small and 2 medium vs 8 large and 2 medium general slots is enormous.

You are spot on there! Case in point: Colonisation modules, I have never ever bothered with T2 or T3 ones, never yet found a need for them and as things are I doubt I ever will.

I upgrade as soon as I unlock them, the added farm, and then climate building, plus the added pop… no reason not to.

Of course I also add pop transport modules to my colonizers right from the start.

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Each to thier own I guess. I just send colonisers out with a support ship that has the same capacity’s plus is still there to help exploit the new system after the coloniser is used up on landing.

The freebie climate station might be useful sometimes I suppose. But by the time I am looking at such difficult worlds I am not in the mood to colonise them due to corruption

I mean 0% land squid planets become livable with just a T3 colony ship, for example. But, by the time you have T3 colony ships, you don’t need squids, so … who knows.

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You give classic example of why those Techs are far too high up the Tech tree for their actual in game utility.

That is a really really really easy fix as soon as the DEVs hear enough of us point it out.

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My colonizers are generally as cheap as I can get them with the best colony module. I also use a colony assist fleet composed of a single t2 frieghter with maxed out pop transports and 4 res freighters. As soon as i start the new colony, I build farms to offload the transports and go from there so that first farm is useful from the standpoint that i dont have to wait as ling to que more buildings.

Its really a small benefit and I dont think its worth the tech points, but thats me.

Pirates love unarmed fleets. I’m just saying.

But yeah, the first farm is nice, and pretty much every planet benefits from one climate building.

PR small freighters carry Gunz…:rofl:

Not enough to stop any pirate over 4-5 sparrows sure but they seem to avoid armed fleets as you say even if just one gun is present (Dumb AI)