Galactic Overview: Sort by Travel Time Option


So, right now, in the Galactic Overview, it has your fleets in alphabetical order.

So… what I suggest is to sort it by travel time.

Say, you have 5 fleets moving:
3 mins, 15 mins, 1hr 15m, 3hr, and 15hr as their times

The Galactic Overview should show them in that order…
Mining Fleet - 3 mins
Pirate Killer - 15 mins
Cargo Transporter - 1hr 15m
Guard Fleet - 3hr
Colonizer - 15hr
(these are just examples - but they’d should be able to go in this order)

And also:
Sort by Destination:
Mining Fleet: Alphaz 3 Z
Pirate Killer: Alphaz 3 Z
Cargo Transporter: Tulip 5 A
Guard Fleet: Tulip 5 C
Colonizer: Yula 3 S
(above system names are for example only)



If you click on the column it does sort it. Though the travel time seems borked. It groups everything in flight, but not based on the actual travel time. However, it does appear that the destination is working.

Perhaps the filter for travel time should be listed as a bug?


Ye, perhaps the devs can look into this and see if they can improve on the Galactic Overview?


I started a topic a while ago on improvements that I’d like to see in the Galaxy Overview. Personally, I think I should be able to manage most of my empire from that screen. I wish we had more options to sort/filter as well as the ability to add columns.


We have this improvements for Galaxy Overview on our UI/UX list. New sorting options will be added a little bit later. Thank you for your suggestions


Yay us :slight_smile: will be a huge help, in my opinion anyway.