Galactic News: Your News

Hi everyone,

We want to make the Galactic News better but we need your help!

What do you think has been the main news of the week? Got a relevant Outscape meme we should share?

Does your alliance have anything they want to share with the rest of the galaxy? e.g. a declaration of war on another alliance?

You can PM it to me or email it to

Thanks :slight_smile:


Urgent balancing struggles such as minelayer mechanics catch the strongest interest thus far.

More useful to development and most interesting to the community would be new content, whether it’s upcoming or yet in the dreamworks.

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I dont think we need more balance rants, but some ingame political drama!

The only thing I hate more than drama, is politics…

You are so right! No need for drama when we can simply purge everyone around us instead! Screw politics! The hive just wants to feed!

Players want a weekly dev diary with game updates and plans IMO. The galaxy news would be better off being bi weekly or even monthly.


Isnt the whole point of mmo war games kinda the drama/politics between the players? Its also quite a good way to retain players interest/attention

If I wanted drama I’d watch tv. I play video games for the me vs you strategy. I had enough drama in high school to last me the rest of my life.

Drama is for the galactic news which presumably is for rumours that spread throughout the galaxy which makes some sense. Feel free to add to it and jaz it up, but I’ll likely skip those sections.