Galactic News: List your Alliance active in 'Main 2' galaxy

Hi everyone,

In the next ‘Galactic News’ I plan to put up a section listing the main Alliances in the Main 2 galaxy. Although alliance support is still limited in the game a lot of players belong to an alliance.

If you belong to/run an alliance active in Main 2 and want it to be included in the list please post the alliance’s details below in the following format:

Logo (optional - upload with post):
Info (100 words max):
Discord contact (via Discord nickname or Discord #alliance-recruitment channel?):

Obviously if someone has already submitted your alliance you don’t need to submit it again. Any submissions I haven’t heard of I’ll look up on Discord.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Name: Borg

Tag: [BORG]

Info: We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

The Borg speak as a single voice. As a member, you’ll have an equal say in the course of its affairs. This is guaranteed by the Articles of the Collective, a formal governing document which ensures our alliance works for all of its members, not the privileged few.

We welcome people of all nationalities and styles of play. Our community is light-hearted yet very loyal to each other. Take one step closer to perfection and join the Borg today!

Discord contact: Massive Banana#1099

Logo: cotp
Name: Covenant of the Phoenix
Tag: [COTP]
Info: Covenant of the Phoenix was established during the transition from Alpha one to Alpha two, we have veteran players who love to teach new people how to play the game. We are dedicated to participating within the Outscape Community, as well as testing the game, and removing exploits. We support robust play styles, and encourage our members to play the way they enjoy. We are a territory driven Empire, even going so far as to create our own mapping system out of game. If these things interest you, please contact one of our representatives.
Link: Covenant of the Phoenix - COTP
Discord contact: Cheatle#1604 or Michael—SlayMoreDragons

Suggestion to add a link to our recruitment posts.

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Name: Arcadian Empire
Tag: [AE]
Info: Casual, relaxed, defensive pact alliance. Play as you please so long as you defend your fellow allies whenever possible.
Discord Contact: Nizar Ze#1200 or Tony Mai#0502


I’m not sure how I feel about this at this stage.

There is just not enough alliance support. It doesn’t feel right to get all try-hard here before there are even any real mechanics to support these ideas in-game. I don’t want to disappoint people who might get hyped up to join an alliance only to find out that it’s not even close to what they expected.

Want the game to go viral @joe?

You need to get the things in to the game that people coming from other communities and games will be expecting from this genre/game.

Good idea! Just way too early :wink:

There’s a certain group who won’t participate.


Thanks for your submissions so far.

The next Galactic News post will be going up tomorrow. So if you would like your alliance listed in the post time is running out :slight_smile:

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Name:Moonspeaker Conclave
Info: The Moonspeaker Conclave is a union of exiles and apostates. An organization that is obsessed with ending all conflicts in the galaxy. It’s leader Devalium is confident that pacifistic ideas only contribute to the outbreak of new wars, so he choose to follow the path of death and destruction. Moonspeaker Conclave members bet on life so their leader’s ideas come true!
Discord contact: D’Valium#7578

Image: TBD, cant aquire file ATM
Name: Black Sails
Tag: [BLACK]
A loosely associated PVP alliance whos existence is focused primarily on curtailing what is felt to be a Zerg alliance: COTP. Our goals are to make the galaxy More balanced by equalizing the power of all. Pirates Only, No Scrubs.

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Here’s the Black logo since Cyrus wanted to participate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t find you on Discord btw… Your Alliance sounds cool :slight_smile:

Name: Tear Extraction and Reclamation Service
Tag: [TEARS]

  • High Lord Extractor “The Benevolent One” Orolyn
  • High Lord Extractor “The Angel Exterminatus” Slimeddy
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Name: Chaos
Tag: [Chaos]
Info: The Chaos Gods whispered and we followed.

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