Freighter with cargo hold reported as having no capacity when attempting to mine asteroid fields

A few days ago I reported this bug in-game using the Tilde key, at least I thought it was submitted but I’ve had no response. Around ten days ago my freighters suddenly became unable to mine asteroid fields, even though equipped with empty cargo holds. Each attempt to mine on reaching the asteroid fields receives the report, “Unable to mine as fleet has no cargo capacity”.

Is this a unique bug to me or common with other players?


I haven’t run into the problem.

Had something similar one time after a patch right at the start of A3 (Where did have a few teething bugs with mining). Try filling the cargo and then emptying it out again before sending them off to mine. I figured it was a miss set data flag or some such.

if that don’t work can you screen shot an example and post here?

Hi, I was able to see what you’ve described on our test environment (asteroid mining module, free cargo space, but no option to mine because it says cargo is full). I’ll get one of the devs to take a look to see what’s going on, thanks for reporting it.

OK, thanks for that! xxxxx

We found the issue that was causing this today and got it fixed - it’ll be in the next patch.