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Welcome to the Outscape forum! This page includes useful links to key game resources such as player guides, the wiki, and chat. Please read the forum rules on this page before posting.

Player guides & game tips

Forum rules & guidelines

The Community Team (moderators)

Joe (IDA Games staff)

The community team read all posts on this forum and relay your feedback and bug reports back to the development team.

Please PM community team members only if the subject is sensitive. Otherwise, all posts should instead be made to the relevant forum category e.g. Feedback, Bugs, General Discuscussion, which will give other community members the opportunity to help out or contribute to the discussion.

To contact the community team outside of the forum, for example to report bad behaviour or a breach of the Rules of Conduct in-game, you can find further details here (see here for details how to flag/report a post).

About the game

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