Fleet stuck in planet

I have 2 fleets stuck inside planets. It seems the ship eating planet bug is back. :frowning:

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there’s only one way to deal with a ship eating planet!!!



Thank you for the report. We will investigate further and fix it as soon as possible.

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Hahahahahhahahaaahaaaaaaa!!! Check the date of this when it happened to me the first time.

EDIT Ok I am being mean: But the fix sure is quite obvious? When you select “Enter Orbit” it always takes you to the innermost ring of the Orbital zone right next to the planet yes? So surely this very very longstanding bug would be fixed by just making the default orbital location the OUTER ring of the planet… Not to mention this would also solve the not-a-bug-just annoying, cases where a newly arrived fleet “Hides” behind the planets label…

There ya go change one variable and were done here…



Yeah I had to recycle a destroyer … yesterday? Thanks to this lovely bug coming back again.


I also just experienced this issue. For me it occurred after I split a fleet that was in a planets orbit, or when I couldn’t see the planetary resources initially and I told the fleet to enter orbit. (As I’m sitting here thinking about it, I believe I saw the fleet jump to the center of the planet after I clicked “Enter Orbit”, but I can’t say that with 100% certainty)

Other data that may, or may not, be relevant:
I split a Heavy Frigate from a group consisting of one additional Heavy Frigate and 8 T11-64 Freighter hulls (7 equipped with 2 medium fuel tanks and 12 large cargo modules and 1 with 2 high speed miners, 2 large fuel tanks, and 10 large cargo modules.
This was in a system that had no planets colonized by me
I was able to split the fleet that was stuck and the split fleets were able to move out of being stuck.
The fleet that is currently stuck is located in Parninka 2, Planet J

I’ll update this post if I think of any other details.

I just had another one get stuck just now. @mel @joe. Can a dev move them out as it is 3 fleets now stuck.

I was able to split the fleets and had the ships that I split off appear outside the planet. Just a suggestion.

That worked but 1 is still stuck. Just had a cargo fleet get stuck so this helped save the cargo at least.

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You will never get the flagship unstuck, that is always a goner.

Thank you guys for your reports. We are working on it right now.
Hopefully, this issue will be fixed very soon

In the mean time, you can have any ither fleet merge into the fleet that is stuck in the middle of the planet, and then split the fleets. This gets you a 2nd fleet near the 1st so that you can have the 1st merge into the 2nd and the bug disappears, usually.

Keep trying or splitting ships off the 1st fleet as necessary.

I have the same problem here. Can not move my ships out of the Planet. Please fix it fast. I have not a large fleet. I need every ship.

The splitting the fleet works. You just lose the flagship is all.

Apologies that we still haven’t been able to fix this yet. We’ve not yet been able to spot what could be causing it but will keep trying.

There were related issues before with fleets stuck inside a star, but it seems fleets getting stuck inside a planet is the most common (and triggered using the fleet context menu command ‘Enter orbit’).

Understood. Some bugs are damn hard to spot we all know that which is why I previously suggested the work around of having ships stop on the OUTER ring of the orbit instead of the inner one.

That might at least cut down on this as well as making it MUCH MUCH easier to see whats arrived at a planet as it cant “Hide” behind the planets label so easily either.

I think it would be better for a fleet to stop next to the outer ring as you suggest, but not before the cause/full implications of this issue are understood (in case it applies to other issues we’re not aware of yet).

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Ive watched a fleet merge into the fleet in the center of a planet. If the fleet gets stuck the same way it merges, it teleports to the center even though it can fly out when youve used my work around.

Ugh… Hmm well then it seems then to me (as a rank amateur admittedly) then that there is a locational variable that fixes the position of the planet of course. And some how the enter orbit process heads right at that and the check code that prevents it going under the radius of the planet fails sometimes…

From now on if it happens can we try and log the SIZE of the planets it happens to I wonder? Just trying to see if there is a pattern we can pass on to Joe & Co. I wonder if larger worlds swallow fleets more frequently for example?

As joe says the underlying reason for the bug should be understood, even if a workaround can be developed.

It seems to happy more frequently if your ship is starting to move away from the planet but you turn it around to enter orbit before it leaves the outer ring.

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