Fleet Commander Idea

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I may have missed the mark in regards to total ships within a fleet but I have been thinking about an idea that could help add more depth to the game as well as keep a high count fleet limited. If we add fleet commanders to the game that require experience to grow it would allow for a multitude of options. I forget for the life of me what the game was called back in the day, (Diabloish style) but if you used a certain weapon or magic you gained experience in that stat and were able to do more things with it. Translate that here to Outscape. You have a fleet commander that is running resources back and forth, he is gaining experience in lets say the “Trade” stat. The number of freighters and speed of the freighters gets increased as he has more hands on experience with them. You have a commander on a scout fleet. More he scouts his fuel consumption/speed/sensor range is increased by percentage points etc. If a fleet does not have a fleet commander it suffers XYZ. Every day you log on you get a new fleet commander, every planet you colonize you get a new one etc. Would take some more discussion and more thought into it but I think it could be beneficial. BY NO MEANS am I saying what-so-ever that anyone would pay for a commander. I love the F2P concept. Just that you can’t have 300 fleet commanders standing by right away. @Zathabar @Puma @DeicidE


Was thinking about it and there could be specialized commanders straight off of the bat. I.e. Jack is a scouting fleet commander and already has a few stats that would benefit it. Jill is a wartime fleet commander etc etc.

9 star Maletiz please…


@joe ideas for ship designs in there too…

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Go2 isn’t the only game that uses commanders you know lol.

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No… really? Its the only one I played but go ahead and educate me on them…

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I was thinking about this and I believe its a great way to add race diversity. Races can change if you like.

Mankind: heroes
Mankind gets what is essentially a leader who can have a very wide variety of stats (mostly pro but can also have some negative stats) and advance the fastest out of all these types of units. They can be set as governor or the admiral of a fleet. Combat gives more experience than flying in circles but the best long term experience is from being a governor. These leaders are not great at any 1 thing but improve a variety of stats.
Produced at military structures or an Academy? Random intervals? and are completely lost when defeated in combat.

Ripchee: elite teams
The Ripchee teams are highly specialized in 1 area. They can be engineers improving ship shields, or damage. The can give bonuses to ground assaults, faster building, quicker research or improved stealth. The teams give bonuses to only 1 area but the bonuses will eventually be better than the other races and can only be advanced when executing the specific thing the teams improve.
Produced at upgraded military structures? Random intervals? and are completely lost when defeated in combat.

Syntis: advanced algorithms and computing
The slowest to upgrade among all the races but the only one that is not completely lost when failing In combat. While the others loose their prized solutions, the computers just reload from an earlier saved file (loosong 10% of their experience) and are free to fight again. Like the specialized team’s, each algorithm only focuses on 1 aspect, but upgrades come very slow.
Produced at science facilities? Never completely go away.

???: Religious relics
Believing a relic bestows grace is a wonderful placebo which can only be made better when its not a placebo. Zealots roam the galaxy using Faith as their sword and when they win a difficult battle or some other event, a relic is produced. Artifacts Grant static bonuses and never improve? Can only be improved by combining them?
Stats are not 100% additive? Their bonuses are generally the best when first acquired and have a narrow focus (improve few stats/only 1 stat).
Produced at??? Found when exploring? Have a small chance to be recovered after suffering a defeat in combat.

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Awesome idea. I loved how in Masters of Orion you had heroes who could get experience and get better. And it added a new tactical element to the game where your opponent could try to kill (actually injure) your commander to make you lose that advantage. Really added an element of personality to your fleets and not just random cannon fodder and added a small element of RPG to the game.

Really hope they add something similar to Outscape and in general I think the devs should take a hard look at Masters of Orion 2, which is the best 4X game in history.

  • Heroes
  • The Antarians, an evil powerful interdimensional race which warped into the space of the most powerful players
  • Diplomacy with trade and research treaties
  • Special weapons that bypassed armor and shields and went straight for critical systems. Weapons that put ships in a stasis bubble, disabled them etc.
  • Raiding, not the pointless one we have in Outscape but to take over enemy ships
  • Espionage - steal technologies, sabotage colony defences and ships

A masterful game, never seen again…