Fleet caps are rather......clunky

So as it stands the fleet cap dictates how many fleets you can have in the game. Unfortunately this in actuality really is a OBJECT limit in space. Early game this is an issue because it quite literally means we are limited to 12 THINGS in space. Once you start getting some full fleets put together and the closer to get to having the max number of “fleets” the harder and harder it becomes to actually manage those fleets, but not for the reasons that one would typically think. In our case it is because it then becomes a juggling game of how to fill a fleet when you have 5+ shipyards but now you can’t actually utilize those 5 shipyards to quickly put together a fleet because you have 10 fleets and thus can only pop out 2 ships at a time.

If you want to make changes to fleet composition? Same problem because the shell game becomes quite the nightmare.

Might i suggest that instead of a FLEET cap, meaning number of fleets, we have a SHIP capacity? You could even have different ships cost different amounts against the ship count which would make one consider the composition of their fleet and reduce the behavior of ALL BATTLESHIPS ALL DA BAT TIME BAT DAD!!! No more mess and frustration with juggling ANYTHING. If i have 12 shipyards and i happen to need 12 ships for a fleet guess what i can build 12 ships at separate shipyards, and have them all rally at a central location to form up into a fleet. No longer does it become a NIGHTMARE to reorganize fleets or simply to reinforce damaged fleets. Granted they may like this set up to prevent to many objects in space, but if thats the case then we need SOMETHING even if it’s a drydock that just holds ships in a magic box to pull from to form fleets.

Frankly fleet management completely SUCKS and new players are going to hate dealing with it. I hate dealing with it, i simply won’t quit because of it. I do however HATE THE DAMN HELL OUT OF IT!!!


Or possibly add the fleet upkeep proposal to this thread since it is more related to fleet caps than just fleet upkeep. We have fleet caps to help limit the number of fleets in play from becoming infinite, could this be changed by having an upkeep per ship instead.

Fleet caps should only apply to areas OUTSIDE your scanner radius. Up until that point you can direct them from the nearest planet. Beyond that special equipment (in the form of Fleet control systems) kicks in and has a finite limit.

I realise this of course could give a defender a huge advantage so I’m not suggesting it as an over night change. Maybe instead of scanner range make i sensor range or even system wide allowing for the stockpiling of ships in systems maybe?

I think on balance if it was tied to sensor scanner range then it positively begs for a means of attack - like a commando raid that would take down the nearest sensor net… Which as its adding to strategic and tactical possibilities I think bears some examination.

Opening idea only, I can see plenty of holes in it myself but how about the rest of you :slight_smile:

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