First impressions after 150h in game

I’m brand new player, getting my code with release of preBeta, so i wont do any comparations obviously against previous versions. I’ll focus on what I see, and what I would like to see.

Pace of the game

It’s good, for a total newbie. I had no clue what to do when I logged, and Im not that far behind the general population (top players excluded, ofc ). Tutorials were usefull and guided me nicelly throu first days.


yes, there are, as its prebeta :slight_smile:
The bigest one I see so far is related to graphics and overall great quality of the game. On my work craptop (as I wont call it laptop) even launching game on low quality and in small window generates massive delays in comands, popup windows etc. I suspect its related to that great visual effects in background - that plasma alike living space clouds are really nice - but slows the game on crap computers. Could you consider removing background (or at least that "plasma effect) on low graphics? Low means low :slight_smile:

“Auto governor on planet” is brainless :slight_smile: tho, I’m not expecting much from late alfa :slight_smile:


I like game mechanics, I like ship building by my own blueprints, I like yours “natives” system giving certain perks for player. Really nice job here.

QoL suggestions

  1. Like prooly all around thinks - there have to be some system storing data of visited planets. It’s quite a game breaker as it is now, with so many systems. Plus, it’s aginst any logic - civilisation able to travel with warp 9 is unable to make a simple database :smiley:

  2. “Empty all cargo” button for ships. Saves hours in the end of day, micromanaging is good, but I doubt the main idea of game is to click everything many many times per day.

  3. Some kind of flight computer for ships inside the star system, so player can “program” course to scout all planets properly. Again - micromanagement is good, but cant be a full day job.

  4. system msg informing about ship being done / repaired / at destination, planet being under/overpopulated. Yes, please. With multiple ships and star systems its again alot of work to track everything. Alternativelly, make some improvements to “Galaxy overview” window. I prefer system msgs, tho.

  5. Some way to abandon battle (run out in example - turning around and getting free dmg till you are able to warp out) or mutual “cancel battle” button. It would give a space to some researchable tech to prevent running, too.

Overall - so far its a job very well done, keep it up!


When I launched the game the first time I was like “okay, is it going to crash at start?”. I’ve been in many betas and I remember being forced to edit .cfg files manually to be able to get in a game. In comparison this one is SMOOTH!

The Unity engine is always a solid choice, first glance of graphics wasn’t met with a scream :smiley:

I started toying around, following the tutorial at light speed because I know this kind game but I didn’t want to miss any info - all games are different. And then it happened.

My first bug. BLAM, debug window there, technical data, we all know that So I click “send report”, and wait for the game to close. It did not close. I was thinking “lag spike while closing?”. I move the mouse, a button reacts to the mouse over. WHAT? I click. WTF? IT STILL RUNS!

I thought “no wayyy!!!” and that’s when I knew I’d give this game a hard try, because a game that solid in a closed beta phase, well, frankly, I haven’t seen that since… WoW beta?

Since I started I played a lot, and do you know how many crashes I experienced?


Sincerely : clap clap clap

Oh and :
1, 2, 3 & 4 : YES, please! PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE

5 : I’m not sure about this one. Maybe a “flee” behavior, but what would prevent the guy from attacking again?


I am shamed by this post and agree whole heartedly.

As much as I complain I believe in Outscape, I belive in our tiny DEV crew

Talks cheap but my cash will be in their account before the dust settles.

That said YES 1-4 Bring it ON!


Biggest problem of all: losing the connection to the server during the loooooooooooong wait to log in.

Agree with 1-4 but not 5. I think #5 should exist only as a programmed option. (“Attempt to flee when enemy strength is __% greater than our strength.”) Logged in players already have a big advantage. We have to be careful with giving them even more controls.

Although my top request is really #3 with more bells: we need command queues. Even better would be simple scripts:

  1. Fly to Planet Z
  2. Pick up all fuel
  3. Fly to Planet E
  4. Drop off all fuel
  5. Loop until fuel on Z < 500

To me, a sophisticated ship scripting system would be what sets this game apart from so many other failed 4X MMO strategy games. In the end, the real enemy is your ability to be logged in. Leaving ships with sophisticated orders to run while you’re offline would go a long way to making this genre more viable.