Feedback about ground battles

Hello guys. For now when I made about 30-40 ground assaults I m ready to do my feedback about it.

So, first of all – increasing a time for assault and making it about 9,5 hours for very high success rate was a good idea. Blitz 1-2 hour assaults was about broken mechanic – so good work guys.

Now about other aspects:

1 Why my soldiers start dying right after I conquer a planet? They cant do a military camps, can’t live in houses or what? And why they die so fast? I think this have to be rebalanced and have 2 paths – make a cooldown time like 2-6 hours from conquering when soldiers don’t die or decrease the rate they die with.

2 Already was spoken that High / Very High rate and so on is bad decision. It’s a strategy game, so players have to understand mechanic of ground combat to do right strategic moves. We have to understand how is calculating win/loss and when u can lose with very high chances.

3 Its not good that you cant bring more troops while invading is going on or withdraw them.

4 For now salvage res and orbital bombardment seems not so good. I think would be cool if ground assaults become full part of game and see it like operations with 2-3 phases when you can use both troops, planet bombardment and maybe 2-3 types of troops.

5 Why ground troops become stronger and assault troops are not? Maybe will be fun to make 2-3 types of units. For example, barrack lvl 1 produced troops as now. Lvl 2 produced armored troops and lvl 3 – mechs for example. So when planning assault you can take more powerful troops from lvl 3 barracks on operation and so on.

Perhaps we implement something like a 12-24 hour freeze on a planet after taking it over. No credit/mineral production, no pop or happiness changes, and no (de)construction. From a story standpoint, the military is sweeping the planet for hidden pockets of resistance, so a form of martial law goes into effect. From a gameplay standpoint it gives the attacker a chance to send a fleet to scoop extra troops, and get things set up. Since the attacks take so long it’s unlikely that a player will be active when the attack ends, so this gives some wiggle room.

I don’t see this as a problem. One concern is that if we get to formulaic that reduces the fun. Sure, I’d love to know my exact odds, but at the same time I don’t want my enemy to be able to do that.

If troops get added then I’d think the invasion timer should reset. Sending in 100 troops and then 10 minutes before the invasion finishes dropping in 100k troops should not be possible. If you reinforce an invasion then the timer should either reset, or at least add back 50% of the time already spent.

Personally, I’d like to see more options for orbital strikes. Being able to target specific buildings for example would be very useful. I’d also like to see the ODS and orbital attack timers tweaked so orbital attacks are more useful, but not overpowered.
I’d also like to see planetary shields as a defense against orbital strikes.

Instead of different lvl troops, I’d like to see different troop options. Perhaps one is better at defense, one is better at offence, or get really granular where one is better on water planets, or vs a specific race. Each troop type should have strengths and weaknesses, and the more powerful ones can only be trained in higher level barracks.

They dont die. When you have more troops than a planet can hold (via camps or other such functions) the military is slowly reverted back to standard population.

I love the concept as it would also open up a large area to be researched as well as different combat mechanics.

Well, thats happens not “slow”. Thats even badder - so they start deserting the army.

About different troop types. Yes, maybe this will be a good option, but my idea with different troops in different barrack lvl is more easy to release and do not overload the gaim. At the end its not ground combat simulator xD

Its conservation of the most important resource type: the human one.