Fast World: incredible number of star system count

There is an incredible amount of star system with many good planets in there. Paired with the tiny amount of planet capacity your empire can support, you pretty early reach the state where you cant expand anymore.

I disagree.

“Expansion” is something that you can continue trading up for even once you reach your cap.

Trust me… There are always better planets :wink:

Also you should save some planet slots for wartime necessities.

Try to think outside the box. How can you ignore the planet cap and keep adding additional sources of resources?

Think tributes. Loot! Booty! YARRRRR


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Yeh a game where we play as Locust strip mining the universe One Planet at a time…

I have searched an enourmous amount of planets on the new server and so far i have only found 2!!! NEARLY perfect planets, maybe 10 ~ okisch planets and the rest is just not good at all.

Respect to the Raen archives :relaxed:

I have done literally ZERO strip mining in Awakening the Dark…

I let my enemies do the strip mining for me. Why on God’s green earth would I waste my time doing that?