Exploitation of credit based economy giving organic races an unfair advantage:


Ok, something needs to be done about the economy situation…as it stands those races that can adjust their tax rate are making 4-5x the amount of credits that syntis can by utilising an exploit with the tax settings…basically since happiness drops at no greater rate than 0.5 at max-this means those that can adjust tax rates can set it to 100% for like 15 hrs and still run into no happiness problems-in this time they have accumulated more than 4x the taxes any syntis player can achieve, and after readjusting taxes down for 6 hrs to raise happiness lvls again can do the same system each and every night. Thus giving all organic races a massive advantage over syntis especially considering the extra costs for syntis ships etc…many are already utilising this exploit to make over 230k in just 24hrs! yet so far I have yet to see anyone mention it here…


Sounds like fun. You should definitely report it to your toaster overlords.


You have your facts wrong, we have to spend a fortune on entertainment centers, and each one we build takes our pop away from useful things like science labs, most useful things like power stations and mines cause unhappiness.

We have to constantly change the tax rate to keep it at the optimal level, there is a 1% limit to how much happiness we can lose per hour, such a tactic of increasing taxes to 100% while you sleep gets rid of the great bonus to credits you get for having your happiness at 100%. I tax at about half my maximum income rate.

Don’t forget about corruption as well, you can have 32 systems no issues at all, i add a single planet and i lose a few thousand an hour from lowering my taxed and about 25,000 credits spent on upgrading entertainment centers and building new ones across my empire, It’s fairly balanced at the moment.

Past about 16 planets even at 0% tax rate my new colonies still lose about happiness, it takes a lot of work to get them to 100% happiness.


The issue at hand is that happiness drops at a maximum rate of -1 per hour.

If they would just change this back to the way it used to be, or enforce the full penalty above 75%, then we would be all good.