Escorting ships?

Maybe we can add in a escorting feature where ships can escort cargo fleets or something

Fleet escorting the cargo fleet? Sounds great to me.

It is a feature. You need a ship with flagship level greater than 1. I have a fleet with 4 fuel freighters with a total of almost 250k fuel escorted by a small armada.

What you’re talking about is fleets, Im talking about an entire fleet of destroyers escorting an entire fleet of cargo ships

Oh I see what you mean. Yeah I agree

We’ll have a think about this - it could make sense. Rather than having to reassemble fleets to merge and separate. It won’t be something we can consider for Alpha though.

Elsewhere outside the RoadMap I’d discussed an idea of a unit larger than a fleet. Something like a fleet of fleets, each inner group maintaining position within the whole until seeking targets. Likely is a feature that needs researched or obtained from an agent and requires an agent of appropriate skills to use this method.

I’d like to see this too. Scenario: Fleet 1 is your frigate fleet of troop transports. Fleet 2 is your war fleet. Assign fleet 2 to “escort” fleet 1 for the following effects:

  1. Fleet 2 is set on “constant intercept” of fleet 1, meaning it follows it along as closely as possible. If fleet 2 is as fast or faster than fleet 1 then it should always be on top of it. If the escort is slower or runs out of fuel during the escort then it will lag behind but can catch back up if fleet 1 stops.
  2. Any attack against an escorted fleet is treated as an attack against the escort, provided the escort is within a certain range (say, < 1 LY).

This is really to help automate things for offline players. Obviously if I was online, I would see your attack coming and intercept you manually but that’s not practical most of the time. Losing a transport fleet because you’re not online to manually escort it would sure suck.

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