Endgame Options

I had an idea that I was working on for another 2-6 month session MMORTS that i think is valid here as well

What if as we start to wind a galaxy down, we have a Mass Effect Reapers event? Really powerful alien ships come in from across the galaxies edge and slowly wipe out players and destroy star systems over time. each super-powered alien fleet destroyed is worth a ton of galactic emperor points.
an alternate start point is a wormhole at the center of the galaxy that spews out these alien fleets and a “death star” style planet. if you can stem the tide and destroy all the fleets protecting this death star solar system and invade/blow up the death star object. you “win” the game.

this allows for clearing players out of an old galaxy and is a final challenge for the surviving players. could be interesting?

Not sure that type of spawn works on this style map. Players get to farm points if close and you get hosed if you are weeks away with battle fleets and no easy supply lines. I have in the past suggested a one way warp gate allowing players to get to a pvp area. Could have a warp gate to a pve area with pirates/reapers or whatever goals are needed.


I love the general concept, but as warmongers said, there is no good way to do this properly and anykind of fairly.

Having those fleets be much stronger than our own as sort of a wipe/Armageddon (it doesnt matter who/how strong you are, everyone is dead) event could be more fair but I still agree with warmonger even with if they spawned at the center and encroached on each player’s territory at the same time (meaning 7 or 14 or however many months after that player had entered the galaxy for example)

Well its good to see ideas. Not 100% sold on this myself but the idea of a random Actual threat (Pirates do NOT count!) coming from an NPC faction I am generally in favour of.

If said event had fore warnings of them enemy warping in in some numbers but not anything a well developed player couldn’t handle solo that would be fun. SO how about if too may of these “scout fleets” were allowed to stay in the Galaxy THEN the Apocalypse would trigger… So if you saw one then drop what you are doing and scratch it off the galaxy coz if you don’t too many times… Then comes the end!

That way IF a Galaxy was over run it was because too many in said Galaxy did not fight when they should have…

I do have to say though that such an event would be more fun than just ending the galaxy. Maybe say F fairness and let the galaxy go out with a 1 week warning and a heck of a bang.

If we started on the outside ring on a much much larger long term map where it took a year or more at max tech to fight the way to the center vs pirates, npc factions, anomalies, space monsters and other players/alliances we would have an endgame goal…lol