Early Game Suggestion: focus on the home

The early game is a bit slow. Being slow serves a good purpose, however, by keeping semi-new players from attacking new players too quickly. However, I think there may be a reasonable way to speed things up a little:

Remove all “free” fuel. It’s not just lying around on planets anymore and must be mined up. It’s pretty low in the research tree so you can start getting fuel quickly but for your first couple of days it will be hard to go forth from your homeworld with any speed. Getting the fuel together for a fast colonization will take some work.

Instead, though, you get more starting cash and starting resources. You are meant to focus on your home system and get that jump started. Once you have fuel mines going then you will be able to more freely scout and colonize outside your system.

Currently the game encourages early outside scouting and colonization since fuel is laying around everywhere but the start is slow due to lack of money and resources.

Actually, part of the game’s intent is to encourage, not discourage exploration, so this would be counter to the game’s intent. However, from a preparedness point of view, the faster you expand, the more risk you place on your planets and the ability to defend them in early game.

In fact the game is too much concentrated on expansion for now

It’s a “choice” a player makes, and how they choose to implement expansion.

well, for now you forced by game to build new colonies and than think about improvement, espacially for sintys - having 30 colonies without any infrastructure is much better than spend money on infrastructure. Maybe its becouse fixed tax rate for syntis and fixed grow rate (your population grow do not changing if you have 4k ppl or 60k ppl on planet, so having 3 colonies with +300 grow better than having 1 colony with + 300 grow even if you bring personal from your main colony to build more infrastructure there).

Yes I would agree with you there. Syntis do have a very slow start up in game. It’s been discussed by several elsewhere with suggestions to improve the tax rate for Syntis to help them more in early game. But in the past they could not be paired with an organic native, but can now because they have the tech for keeping them happy and increasing their farms. So it’s useful to have a few to allow you to tax heavier in early game. But this is intentional, needs some improvement, because Syntis can be so strong and versatile in later game.

And yet as of the time of this writing the leaderboard’s top 20 is almost an exact four way split of the races. 5/5/4/6 with the #2 spot being a brand new Syntis player. SO I can see a case for the Devs sayin’ “Well cant be too bad if they did it?”

But despite that we do need more diversity in the races. Not just alternate names for the same equipment (THAT just causes miscommunications when folks ask for help & advice) but more racial variations in general.

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i readed post about taxation but think synth has good balance - no need to change it. I just wanna say that new players often dont understand game mechanic and trying to spend res and money to build colonies - couse think (and its have a logic) that having 1 good colony better than having 3 without infrastructure.


That should happen later, though, when the player has some resources to spare. Early gameplay should be more active, but more concentrated at home.

The way they’re doing it now, you can explore on day 1 but that’s because there’s nothing else to do, and the exploration is too slow paced and dull to be interesting by itself. The first few days of this game are boring as a result.