Early game ramp up

Iam of the impression that there are quite a few players who leave the game after settling just a few planets and sending out their first wave of scouts. I have to say that the early game can be a bit slow and might not be very encouraging. Therefor i suggest reducing the construction time of all colony ships to just 30 minutes aswell as dramaticaly reducing the construction speed of t1 destroyers and frigates and their research time (and maybe rebalance cost/armor). The starting population on the homeworld should be increased in order to fix the early game credit bottleneck.

Why these changes?

A reduction of the colony ship construction speed does not immensly speed up the actual time that it takes to colonise a planet in a neighbouring system because the flight time will still be the major timesink, however seeing a timer that has only 30min is way more encouraging to stay and do something in the meantime then lets say, those 3h people’s realm ones.

The combat in this game is already very excellent, but in most 4X games actual combat is more a midgame/lategame thing. Having a 7h timer on a Syntis destroyer is very discouraging and the time it takes to research them is quite high aswell. However having people fight in this game early will get them emotionally attached, who does not want revenge after the first lost combat?

This games economy is all about dodging the next bottleneck… however the early game credit bottleneck is something that can not be avoided or be surpassed other then waiting for more population to grow. So just increase the starting population to get more tax, capacity for research and so on.

you will always get that. i Susspect many that start this type of game dont realise how slow they actually are. Yes i would say quicker colony ship construction might help, but i also think a lot of it is travel time. Depending on where you are spawned in the game it can easy be several hours before you can reach the next system. For some that is going to be far to long, and they will just loose interest/

Construction times are relatively quick on buildings 12 mins, but i understand what you say about the lower tier warship, quicker construction might help, but i also believe more interaction from AI controlled fleets might also keep them busy, in the first day you get quite a few pirates after that the little chickens dont come any more


eh, its a niche game, your going to get alot of people try it out and decide its not for them.

Colony ships only take like 40-50 minutes so not sure if an extra 10-20 minutes does much

Encouraging new people to fight will just cripple their growth. If you want to encourage combat early some larger changes are needed

I’m still in favor of one or both of the following solutions:

  1. All empires have a baseline +500/hr income that’s a constant. It doesn’t come from any building, it’s just built into your income. This won’t make a difference in the late game but would be huge in the opening days, especially for new players who don’t know what they’re doing and spend unwisely at the start.
  2. Rather than starting people with a homeworld, we start them with a “home system”. 3 worlds are already populated and have some buildup on them. This gives the new player a better base to start with.

I don’t think ship building time is the problem so much as it’s just a really, painfully slow initial startup and spending money on the wrong thing is a huge pit to fall into in the opening moves.

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Good post. But I think the answer needs to be sub-servers and game modes, not a few changes to a few build and research times.

A lot of Facebook and mobile games have mechanics that have new players gaining levels constantly and getting rewards, to increase new player interest and involvement. Later players have days long wait periods that they can spend real money to circumvent &c. Outscape is a lot like that, less the real money option.

The suggestion to reduce colony ship build time - it’s a good one, in that it pushes that tried and true fast-payoff mechanic that pay-in games have used so successfully. You know it works, I know it works. &c.

But at some point, the player is going to run into long tech times, the player is going to run into combat situations that they may not be able to handle. So I think rather than changing just a few things, have something like a PvE sub-server with vastly accelerated research times, great distances between player spawns, no PvP actions possible.

As to credit bottleneck - it could be addressed in some part by doubling or quadrupling the tax rate on such a sub-server and perhaps increasing population growth rates. That’s not something players ought to get used to for when they transition to the regular game, but it’s a possibility.

I think/agree that sheer boredom/frustration is a serious factor in the very low conversion (new to veteran) rate.

As a new player one is pathetically weak and it takes many many many days of relentless grind to remedy the situation. Further, the consequents of inexperience can be devastating. As instance I lost my first weeks production of ‘warships’ to a single freighter due to my flawed ship design.

At all times I have ‘resources’ coming out of my ears and NEVER any credits to capitalise on those resources. Perhaps it’s my insistence on keeping everybody in the ninety percent happy cohort but nonetheless the resource/credits mismatch seems extreme. It means that I have to spend hour after pointless hour twiddling my thumbs or IRL waiting for a very few small numbers to increment.

NO player rewards = bad game design.