Early game imbalances

just some balance issues early game…

mine sweeper tech needs to come BEFORE minelayer

right now its:

t1 frigate 50 science
t2 frigate 450 science
medium minelayer 1250 science

t1 frigate 50 science
t2 corvette 150
scanner 450
mine detector 1250
mine sweeper 3750

so how is my enemy going to get rid of the mines i planted in his homesystem right after i rushed that tech? he is going to be stuck in his systems for 7 days and will likely quit the game.

i suggest giving sweepers tech before the minelayer tech and maybe even make planetary scanners see enemy minefields, while also giving a new mine tech that lets you deploy stealth mines that are not visible to planetary scanners. so planetary scanners help new players detect minefields that have been deployed against them offensively but still having offensive minefields with lategame tech.


But don’t know you mines are a defensive tool, you cant possibly use them offensively!

Just 1 more reason to replace mines with warp1 fields made via a building

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Spot on, but we had trouble with a Newbie, smashing up all the other newbies, hitting fleets landing troops, making them reset or just stop playing. PR scouts were quick to get on site but not good enough for offensive action. Destroyer and battle speed fleets took time to arrive, warp 3 does that, and you have no chance of catching him when he is using warp 7. Best you could do is park protection fleets outside the planets of the newbies that requested help, so at least could attempt to protect their fleets and hopefully stop him from dropping troops…This all changed once minelayers were on site, just pull up to his system and lay mines, to keep him locked in his own system, No more newbie bashing for him. Funny enough now just planet bombing his system to clear him out and telling the Newbies to come collect the resi…Mine laying used to mess someones game up, with little chance of him recovering from it, kind of poetic justice as from what i can make out he had kicked 4 people out of the area.

Poor guy getting dog piled for playing the game correctly :frowning: Guess he shoulda played diplo better

One more soul lost to the horrors of mine mechanics

yes, and as said in the original post would have taken him days to gain the required tech, and build the relevant ships required, whilst i could have sat there and laid mine after mine, keeping him locked in

Yep, people have been raising this issue for as long as I’ve been here. Devs never seem to do much about it. Thing it, it’s a problem that doesn’t impact veterans so I suspect it’s hard to get the traction needed to drive this issue.

I just think pretty much everything about how minefields work today is broken.

Even if the victim gets sweepers, it’s pretty easy to keep mines on him 24/7, especially if you play more. He needs 2 sweepers for every mine layer you have, assuming same tech levels, just to break even. And while your mine layers can go in the middle of a war fleet, his sweepers can’t, so whenever he logs out you may have a chance to blow up all his sweepers.

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