Dropping planets

How do i drop planets that ive conqoured, no longer need or want so it doesnt count against my max planet limit? Ive tried removing all the pop but that doesnt work since 1 person is always being born so i can never get the pop to 0.

By removing all the population. It’s extremely difficult on the speed server with high growth rates. There should be a way to just simply drop a colony.

max the pop and take it all at once is the best way. if u cant do that click really really fast over and over.

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Yeah, that’s a very clear sign of a broken mechanic.


they really need to have a disband colony button. I’ll just tax the hell out of them :smiley:
I would say unless your internet is cable or satellite the clicking get you know where.

If you have dismantled all your buildings the pop will be dying of so when your in the planet view select ship to transport the pop of planet but select a number below what it is what for it to hit 2 pop away from your marked amount. = Colony disbanded

Remember this you make credits from dismantling your buildings

just one more headache.

I also noted when i logged on today that the population of my planets doesnt increase when im offline.

I think you should be able to give the planets to a AI faction, which would make them allied with you, or to pirates, which would give you ships to fight when you have already killed off everyone anywhere close to you and you want to test out weapons or ship builds.