Dreadnought FIrepower Split


So we know that dreadnoughts arent done yet, so we never know how they could work. They could be just bigger ships with more slots, or could be something else. I think what im talking about here should be considered in the dreadnought role, as otherwise I do not see any use for them.

The only dreadnought we know of is the Admiral (we do know of the mankind and ripchee one but we dont know hard stats), and the Admiral has 8 large weapons. So it can play as a heavy torpedo ship, carrier, or orbital bomber. The torpedos are what im focused on. As 8 torpedos (probably level 5 by the time you get them) will deal massive damage. And with 8 of them (unless they changed it) is going to be massive overkill for any ship other than dreadnoughts. So it would be nice if we could split the firepower. How this would work is the same as the targeting we have now, but you can set the amount of weapons that target uses.

Unless you have something planned for them I dont see them being used much if we cant split firepower. Let me know what you think, thanks


Splitting firepower on our bigger ships I think would be cool. A great way to give PR more flexibility with a smaller fleet. Our ships are supposed to be better one-to-one so it would be nice to have a bit of split firepower, especially these overkill weapons.


On the other hand, overkill is one of those naturally occuring imbalances to your basic balancing formula that generates possibilities.


I expect admiral to get more slots/armour etc…


As long as it gives the SDN Executor a run for it’s money I’m happy :smiley: