Don't cause structures to go offline when upgrading


Please, for the love of all things holy, stop causing structures to go offline while upgrading.

First, if something is supposed to go offline it should only happen while the upgrade is happening, not while it’s in queue.

Second, can infrastructure buildings (farms, power, climate, hydro, etc.) not go offline. I’m fine with mines, labs, shipyards, scanners, etc. being down. The infrastructure stuff means that either pop starts dying, or everything goes offline.

Hell, make something in the tech tree for each structure type called redundancy or something.

Right now I’m working on upgrading a lot of structures to T2 and this is turning into a nightmare. Having to go into each planet and build an extra structure (or multiple) then queue up a couple upgrades, and repeat that (in some cases 20-30 iterations). If we just go with power, farms, climate, hydro, and army base that could be anywhere from 30-60 upgrades (twice over if going for T3). Take that times 36 colonies and… Holy Upgrades Batman.

If they only went offline during upgrade then I build one extra and I can queue up 30 farm upgrades at once. If they didn’t go offline at all then I wouldn’t even need to build the extra.


This is also particularly true with the happiness upgrades. Especially when you have to upgrade twenty or more of them when colonising a new planet.


Sadly have to disagree here.

If anyone was changing a socket or servicing say a washing machine would you leave it on? Doubt it. Building are no different.

And (oh dear I do NOT wanna sound smug) those of us that who have been doing a bit of upgrading as we went along are barely noticing this effect now. As most folks seem to know if you time upgrades of power plants first then other systems you can steer around some of the issues.

Likewise if I am having a “High Tax” drive on a planet that’s when I upgrade my EC as the penalty is already at Max so having them offline has no additional effect.

That said there are several issues with the upgrade mechanic.

  • If you cancel the currently upgraded one is the cancelled one not one not yet started is the villain we all hate the most I am guessing.
  • We have threads all agreeing the payback for the amount of res invested in an upgrade is massively out of whack. Had this been addressed then I think many folks would have not been painted into a corner with loads of T1 stuff and suddenly no room to grow or do other things.
  • You really have to PLAN for deep mining this time around and this is not immediately clear from the outset and that causes MORE issues with reallocating buildings

To me the offline while upgraded is an OK mechanic the problem is that its not apparent in the course of game play that it will happen. Maybe a pop up box (one you could disable with a check cox) would soften the blow for new players?


I don’t have an issue with it being offline while actually being upgraded, but while it’s in queue is a little retarded. it should only go offline while actively being worked on. That is the only thing i would really push to have changed. I wouldnt cry foul IF it were changed as ARCO suggests, but at the very least just not while in queue.


Agree with that latter point. Makes no sense to offline if it is queued and not being worked on.


I can accept that a structure is down while actively being upgraded. That just means that I need to plan N+1 for all structures so that I can perform upgrades without taking a hit to infrastructure. Though not ideal, it is at least a workable solution and I could live with it.

My biggest issue is the queuing. I’m at a point where I might want to upgrade 10+ structures at the same time on the same planet. So either I log in every hour and fire off one upgrade on 36 planets, or I build 10 extra per planet so I can do 10 at once (after the extras are finished building)

As far as the taking offline of what is being upgraded, I think it’s fair to presume that an infrastructure upgrade wouldn’t take things offline. My lights don’t turn off when my power company is upgrading something. There are bypasses and redundancies to allow for something to be taken out of service without causing an impact. Maybe we make redundancy another tech option. All it does is allows a structure to stay online during upgrades.

With the current mechanic having to upgrade dozens of colonies with hundreds or even thousands of upgrades it is too much of a hassle.

As for this argument, the cost scaling of upgrades is such that it makes more sense to build out more T1 buildings that to upgrade to T2. So as I expanded I built T1 as needed until I reached the point that I actually benefit from the population efficiency of T2.

If T2 cost scaling were less extreme then upgrades would make more sense early on.


Which was fair enough as you saw it. I too didn’t like the look of the upgrade costs but had a hunch there would be a reason later. And now as I said I’m not noticing the problem highlighted in this thread as much as some.

I believe we agree this much the systems awfully screwy Period.


Because worldwide blackouts happen IRL when someone upgrades a power plant or riots happen because someone remodels a movie theater. And last time I added a new field of crops to the farm people starved to death. Yes some adjustments on how things go offline during upgrades needs to be made.