Domes! Domes! And More Domes!

So essentially, you use these freighters, with a drone module to mine the surface of planets (as freighters have the largest cargo capacity anyway) - but, wonder if you can assign the drone to only mine the resource you want e.g. Farsu instead of Limbalt, although you can mine both on the planet, but you want the Farsu first?

I would think that could be possible, if you use a method similar to “attack” function when you do invasion, it says deploy drone, it could ask which resource you want to mine. Wouldn’t see that as something that couldn’t be easily programmed.

Also they’d have to have a method of designating an “owner” of the drones on the planet. And these “drones” should be available to be “stolen” by an enemy.

Very interesting.

So a ship/fleet would deploy some of these AutoMiners and they would bring surface deposits to the surface nothing more… So in fact an opportunist player (or an NPC pirate) might scoop them up if you didn’t guard it?

Very good indeed. Gives us a way and reason to fight without the drastic consequences of a World conquest?!

Can’t actually see a downside to this (Gimmie a minute LOL!) @joe you following this? I think Puma’s hit a Golden suggestion here!


If we were to use drones, I’d place additional higher level tech up from the T3 asteroid mining module and make require no less than 3750 research points to achieve, possibly higher. You don’t want this available too early in game or people will do this rather than focus on colonization expansion. But this would make planets that are intolerable and extremely small planets that have great resources available for resource mining.

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Also, I still like the idea of domes as well, but for a different reason. There are huge, but intolerable, planets that would be great as homes for T4 SY’s (and T5 in the future?) that presently can’t be colonized because of their extreme temperature. But again, very expensive to develop and high up on the tech tree.

Oh yes, we really could use BOTH ideas. In fact you could combine it somewhat in having a “Drone” build the enviro dome for player use…?

I think I’d place the ability to make these early game (at least in their T1 version) so you would make an auto explorer/exploiter Before you leaned how to make T1 Colonisers. That would slightly slow early expansion to strategic systems but actually encourage early stage warfare as I said as we used scouts and other simple T1 hulls to dislodge other players Outpost Domes from particularly “juicy” systems.

But I’m open to other ideas, but this is very fertile ground for many things. A tutorial mission that shows how to deploy a MinerBot/drone on a planet neatly slots into the idea of explaining aspects of the game to new players in a really simple format to my mind.

On the subject of “Drones” I had an idea a while back on a similar idea for combat purposes. Maybe a “drone” Hull could be added to the T1 Ships to fulfil both ideas. Obviously it would be small cheap and (frankley) expendable, as long as you have a “control ship” within sensor radius they would function for the owning player.

But if you killed that ship then you could maybe “steal” control of certain drones perhaps…? :slight_smile: Loadsa possibilities here!

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I like this idea, have to think on the other portions of your post. I’m not sure I totally understand it.

Sorry my bad I can be a bit “Professor brainstorm” when an idea grabs my attention :crazy_face:

I hate to throw a wrench in the works, but unless these add to corruption, whats the difference between this and a mining colony? Yes, it does not necessarily need to be defended (can’t be?) But that really doesnt change too much. I can just build manufacturing plants on poor res worlds and these on even moderate resource planets and the skys will be the limit. It sort of brings us back to A2.


With a drone you get one (or a very few) expensive T1 mines that you cant upgrade. But no corruption

With a colony you can add as many mines as you like and upgrade them to T2,3 etc. But that added infrastructure is the seedbed of “corruption”

Oh and if Drone installations are tied to a control ship it prevents runnaway expansion as the Fleet cap limit will put a break on there over use


I understood that, but in high res galaxies, there isnt much of a difference, and I just want to draw that distinction and maybe thats good enough?

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Thing Is I am excited by this not really as their mining res gathering capacity but for the Tactical implications it actually gives a reason to PLAY and make war or peace with neighbouring players earlier on and That I submit is very much missing right now.

The amount of Res these will get from otherwise unprofitable worlds is really negligible in a high res galaxy.

In high res galaxies, the focus becomes more on fighting (if you ever get a reason to fight) than on resource management. You would end up using more of your HR on defenses and the production of ships than on acquiring resources.

In many ways it is no different than asteroid mining, except that it will come much later in game (due to the tech requirements) and at a higher cost overall. Both are mine it until it’s depleted, then there is no more to mine. Once you build and deploy the drones, they are used and once the mining is done, basically discarded. I like @Zathabar suggestion of tying them to a fleet, to minimize the possibility of exploiting them, via the connection to fleet caps.

Minining drones I think would be a logical branch of Asteroid mining development. Between T1 & T2 perhaps or at T2 level?

Having a player come along and pinch a Mining Auto Drone and its accumulated produce is an excellent “casus belli”. While I agree High res galaxy’s like the skirmish test do lead to wars faster, something on this level is nice a simple and again could work as an Tutorial to how fights work in Outscape. You set a mission to find a player outpost and raid it. The offended player is not badly hurt as the Drones are cheap (cheaper even that scouts - though the control ship/modules are not) so they are stung but not crippled.

EDIT: Just feeling guilty for going somewhat off track on @Vikingarde 's perfectly reasonable thread. Apology.

I believe that they should be at the top of the asteroid mining tree, above the T3 asteroid miner, and require a minimum of 3750 research points. You don’t want these too early in game. Also they shouldn’t be cheap, they should be relatively expensive so their use isn’t easily abused, but carefully thought out, worth defending both the drone and the resources it’s mining, but subject to theft by the opposition.

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Thats fair.

I think I was working along the lines of a small cheap disposable unit but a later game version that had some repeat use utility, so we are not tempted to “spam” them is a perfectly good alternate option.

As I said above we’re drifting from topic a bit. So unless you beat me to it might start a thread for this separately as I definitely think there is good mileage here for game development over all. :smiley:

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Before I even start, I know I know the devs seem to be moving away from this but I want the simple mechanics that create a complex game…

The domes can have different qualities and stats, some can protect a larger population but only adjust the planet temp/land% by a limited amount while others can be larger or more vulnerable to planetary strikes.


How about making farms more of a general “population support”, then adjust the number of people that it can support based on temperature, gravity, atmosphere and so on?
Terraforming would still be usefull as it makes farms more usefull.


Or orbital mining facilities as an easier first start.