Do new players still need to play Skirmish first?

Can new players jump straight into “Main2” or do they still need to do the 7 bases in a Skirmish gal thingy first???

I didn’t know it was ever a requirement to play skirmish first. I thought most just did it to get a feel for the game. Are you finding that someone can’t join Main2 as their first server?

When they released Main1 and Skirmish1, you had to play Skirmish first and get 7 bases before you could join Main1. Or you had to have previsouly played Alpha or pre-Beta servers.

I didn’t pay attention to it tbh. Thanks. A person can colonize 7 in the first day though, so it shouldn’t be a real issue.

You can go straight Main 2, if you ever needed to play skirmish, i dont have a clue